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The pigeons in Bolt are funny:

Some more pigeons working in the TV industry. I think the first advert is very funny.

The following adverts aren’t very nice:

I think baby pigeons are so beautiful! And they are such darling little creatures that would melt anyones heart with their affections. :)

I just love seeing people petting their pet pigeons. Here’s a few of them:

A few videos from Jenaka008′s Channel on YouTube. Some very sweet pigeons! :)

It’s amazing how birds fly, utterly beautiful in slow-motion.

Cooing comes in many different sounds: honks, squeaks, and in high and low tones. I love cooing doves. I find them comical.

Skip ahead to 0:22 for his adorable coo:

Wonder what he’s laughing at! :)

I remember seeing a stupid Ford Ka advert a while back that featured a pigeon in it. The advert got banned, for obvious reasons, but it got me thinking what other pigeon adverts there are out there. Here’s some I found:

I actually find the next one quite funny. Not sure I should though. :)

And here’s that banned Ford Ka advert (thought I’d better post it since I mentioned it):

A couple of old cartoons with pigeons in them.

Apart from feeding time, bathing time is a favourite pastime of pigeons.