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Dora pigeon

Dora was found hanging around a village for a week (in 2008), following people onto buses and into cars. Someone picked her up after observing her unusually tame behaviour and took her to a wildlife rescue centre because she was worried Dora would end up in trouble.

There was a plastic ring on Dora’s leg which means she had come from someone’s aviary, however, because there were no numbers on it nor any stamped on her feathers we couldn’t contact her owner. We brought her home to see if she would intergrate with Elmo and Georgie, however, none of the pigeons seemed interested in each other – only us humans!

Dora quickly became attached to us and was very broody, laying eggs every month. Being worried about her health we decided that she might benefit from being in an aviary with a pigeon mate instead. So in 2009 we put her in the rescue centre’s residential pigeon aviary where she found a mate and has settled nicely in with the rest of the pigeons. To see them please go to: Dora and the resident pigeons

This is a video of Dora when she was living with us:

And this video is of Dora and her mate, Pidge: