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Mr. Pigeon arrives waving hello!

We received a present from Elmo and Georgie yesterday. They surprised us by getting us our very own Mr. Pigeon! :)

He arrived in style, complete with passport and name tag. I also found some instructions for me to knit a top for him (hmmm, now do I have a “Knitting for Dummies” somewhere?).

I love him. Mr. Pigeon is adorable. A great mascot too! :) I haven’t decided his first name yet, so he’ll be addressed as “Mr. Pigeon” for the time being. After he gets used to living with us and we see his character coming out, we’ll then think of a suitable first name.

I couldn’t wait to introduce him to Georgie and Elmo.

Here’s Elmo’s reaction to seeing Mr. Pigeon for the first time:

Hilarious! I don’t think Mr. Pigeon appreciated all that attention.


New arrival: the adorable Mr. Pigeon

We placed Mr. Pigeon next to Elmo in his nest while Elmo was still very excited, and after a few strokes from Mr. Pigeon, Elmo tried to feed him!! :D


Elmo feeding Mr. Pigeon

Georgie wasn’t too sure about him. She gave him a light peck and walked away. He’ll have to try harder to win her affections.


Mr. Pigeon and Georgie

I discovered the wonderful life of Mr. Pigeon when I came upon this fun blog by Charlie P: The Pigeon Loft. And you can buy one from Charlie’s shop when they are available: The Pigeon Loft Shop on Etsy. (More about knitted pigeons: Knitted pigeons.)

We’ll keep you posted on how Elmo and Georgie take to sharing their home with Mr. Pigeon! I’ll have to remember to share my time equally so that no one becomes jealous. :)


Elmo sizes Mr. Pigeon up


Elmo greets Mr. Pigeon, "Why, hello there!"

Last night I watched a movie and made some popcorn. I decided not to give any to Elmo and Georgie and thought I could keep them away while I enjoyed the popcorn.

That’s not quite what happened. I sat down on the sofa and immediately Georgie was up from her nest and walking towards me. I gently pushed her back to her nest, she cooed angrily and started walking back to me. I did it again but she again cooed angrily and walked towards me. We must have done this for about 5 mintues. Georgie was not going to give up!!

While this was happening Elmo was on the other side of me on the sofa arm-rest and had his neck extended as he stared intently at the bowl of popcorn. He was still for a while then jumped into the bowl. Great! I quickly put him back on the arm-rest and he continued to stare at the popcorn, willing it to leap into his beak. He looked like he wanted to jump back into the bowl so I gave him a firm ‘No Elmo’ and held the bowl away (as if that was going to stop him!). Meanwhile Georgie was still advancing with shear determination. She was single-minded in her goal.

I did manage to eat most of the popcorn before it got too ridiculous. Then I caved in and gave them a few pieces. They went mad for it!! Biting my fingers in their eagerness to break the popcorn into pieces. When I stopped holding it up to them Georgie started waggling her shoulders and twitching her wings. She looked like a little squeaker again! It was so adorable. It was as if she was saying at the same time, “Please mummy, can I have some more,” and “That was delicious mummy, thank you so much.”

Next time I will be forced to put them away in the bedroom when I want to have a quiet evening eating popcorn and watching a movie. Silly pigeons!