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The past few weeks have been upsetting for all of us. Elmo has been in a foul mood and nothing Richard and I do seems to make him happy. We don’t know what has happened to upset Elmo so much but we’re trying our best to improve things so Elmo feels better.

Here’s what I do know:

  • Elmo’s bad mood started shortly after we went on holiday.
  • Elmo started moulting during the week of our holiday.

Now I could understand his bad mood if we had left him for a week, but no, we didn’t leave at all! We stayed at home for our holiday, so what’s Elmo so angry about? Was it my constant presence (since I’m the rival)? I know that my pigeons can feel vulnerable when moulting, but Elmo’s behaviour is a bit extreme.

Elmo has now stopped moulting and we have gone back to work, but he’s still not his usual cuddly-cute, happy self. :(

The day we went back to work Elmo did show a bit of his usual behaviour – he cooed to us and greeted us – but that was short lived. He’s a bit better with Richard, no longer pecking him like he was during our holiday, but he’s not showing him the love that he usually does. I’m finding this all a bit stressful since I hate to see Elmo so angry.

All Elmo does now is chase me about the flat to attack my feet. I know the difference from his playful attacking behaviour, and this is not it. He wants to hurt me and he attacks in anger. The last time he was like this was when he was broody and sitting on the fake eggs.

I really hope Elmo feels better soon because I feel he’s also getting stressed about the situation. I’ve been giving him treats and trying to be loving but Elmo does not want me to be around him, so I will try to keep out of his way.

Even the sight of the camera didn’t excite his usual amorous feelings towards it!


Elmo giving me the evil eye


Elmo staring me down

After a lovely snuggle with Georgie girl on the sofa (with Elmo’s watchful eye at the territory border) I took Georgie with me to the kitchen to get a glass of water. We walked past something in the corridor that Georgie took offense to and she exploded with anger. Angry pecks and lots of wing slaps! Took me completely by surprise!

And when I saw what it was that Georgie was so angry at I smiled. Of course, it was the lava lamp!! :)

Georgie hates bright lights, especially from torches and mobile phone screens, and she especially hates flashing lights. So a lava lamp must be something terrible to her! It’s big, colourful and full of light!!

I had to take a video of Georgie attacking the lava lamp. She was being very unreasonable. I’m sure the lamp just wanted to make friends.

I’ll have to cover her eyes next time I carry Georgie past it.

I’ve noticed a new young pigeon coming to our garden on its own. Sometimes he’s with the flock but often he stays for longer or flies down before the other do.

He looks young and I think he’s got slightly sticky/dirty looking feathers.

I’ve thrown some extra peanuts and seed down for him and he’s eaten to his hearts content. I just wonder why he’s on his own and where’s his family? Poor little fella. I hope he soon finds a friend to fly with.



Today Elmo has been relentless with me: he’s been chasing me about and even jumping over the cushion barriers I erected to keep him on his side of the sofa (which, may I add, is the best spot on the sofa!).

So after trying to keep the peace and getting nowhere, I decided that maybe Elmo just needs to get all his anger out of his system, so I gave him my hand and he pecked it to bits!! The little *@#*¤%!!

I was wrong with my thoughts, and Elmo’s now busy trying to kill my feet which are thankfully clad in thick woolly boots! Ha!

From our bedroom window (during the December snow):



We had some lovely visitors the other day – much to Elmo’s delight! He couldn’t get enough of them. Cooing and dancing around their feet and outstretched hands, Elmo entertained them and I hope captured their hearts! :)

George was mostly silent and let Elmo do his thing. She’s shy.

It was so nice to meet new people who love pigeons, so thank you J and M for popping round! :)

In other news, Elmo’s white wing feather has fallen out! Oh no! I’ll have to record how quickly it grows back because I’m not sure how quickly feather growth occurs. It will be interesting to find out.

Elmo has been very angry at me lately, constantly following and trying to attack me. I don’t know what I’ve done to piss him off but I’m trying to keep out of his way so he can settle down and not fret about me.

Also, Elmo has taken a shine to Richard’s Dremel case. It’s big, it’s blue and by all accounts Elmo should hate it but for some bizzare reason he doesn’t. Elmo has been standing on it and cooing to it and I think he tried to mate with it at one point. … What a confused boy!



I tried sneaking a photo of Georgie but she reacted too quickly for me, so here she is not in the relaxed mode I wanted to show you but with her hackles raised!


I made the mistake of putting the pink and white fleece on the sofa for Georgie to nest in. I did it to quieten her down because she was being very demanding and was flying about constantly to get to me (I was busy and couldn’t give her the attention she wanted).

She’s now looking as if she’s going to lay an egg. Oops.

I really should have known better. Georgie loves the pink and white fleece. It’s soft and warm and forms nicely into a nest. It’s where she laid her very first egg!


Georgie in her nest

We’ll have to wait and see if Georgie does lay an egg. If she doesn’t, I’ll be very worried because she’s holding herself in an egg-heavy way. And she’s pooing really big, watery poos – which is usually a sure sign of imminent eggs!

Another clear sign is her moodiness and her readiness to attack anything for no reason – which George’s been doing. She’ll all of a sudden run about and peck at the nearest object or person in anger.

Here’s my lovely girl being very sweet and loving:

And here she is in her nest when she suddenly pecks out in anger (I think she realised that I’m videoing her):

I’ve already mentioned that Georgie doesn’t like the light in a camera in the short post Likes and dislikes. I just want to elaborate on this.

Georgie likes to pose in very cute and adorable poses and I often want to photograph her, however, as soon as I press the camera ‘photo taking button’ (whatever it’s called) the little red light goes on as the camera focuses and Georgie sees this and is immediately on the defense! Sometimes she doesn’t notice the red light and I can get the photo, however, if the flash goes off she is very angry/scared and puffs her feathers out.

Here’s an example:


Georgie relaxed on her eggs


Georgie all puffed up after camera flash went off.

All this makes photo taking very difficult because often Georgie moves into a defensive pose before I can get the cute desired photo. Camera shy maybe?

Elmo is still very angry about everything. Ever since we brought Minnie home with us he’s been acting like he should be the only pigeon in the flat. Well, Minnie is now living in an aviary with other pigeons and receiving lots of cuddles from her new mum, however, Elmo has transfered his angry emotions to Georgie and started attacking her, which annoys us to no end.

We are gently trying to teach Elmo that he isn’t allowed to attack Georgie. If he does, he is promptly removed from the sofa (where he likes to attack her) and put on the floor. After a while he seems to understand that he’s not allowed on the sofa if he’s going to go for Georgie. If he’s sitting there nicely and leaving her alone, then we leave him be.

It might take a long time but I think we’ll eventually get back to normal. Georgie doesn’t seem too upset about it, which is good. She’s just interested in cuddling up to me nowadays (methinks it’s egg laying time soon. Uh oh!).

I’ve been trying to take some video of Georgie when she dances for me but I always ruin it by speaking in ‘baby talk’. When will I learn that talking like that doesn’t sound right when others view it! :D