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I just wanted to share these lovely paintings of pigeons, by two talented ladies.

Pigeon XV by Lynda D’Amico ©2011, oil on wood, 9″x9″

Please visit Lynda D’Amico’s website, www.lyndadamico.com, as well as the Urban Pigeon Project for more paintings.

The Kiss by Christine Dobbin

Christine Dobbin is also selling pigeon cards. Please visit her website: www.christinedobbin.com, as well as her Facebook page, Pets by Christine.

There’s something very special about having a portrait of your pet animal, especially by an artist who captures the spirit of your pet.

We are lucky to have a painting of Elmo and one of Georgie:

Elmo portrait

Georgie portrait

These were painted by Ciara Healy: www.ciarahealy.com

The following portraits are of other people’s pet pigeons and they allowed me to share them with you to admire. :)

I think they are both beautiful and unique.

A painting of Emmett, a 20 year old pet feral pigeon, on two of his own feathers. Painted by Bobbie Momsen: www.bobbiesbirds.com

Feather portrait of Emmett

Feather painting of Emmett

A portrait of a lovely King pigeon called Dovee (a.k.a. Super Dovee!) by Alina Kremer: www.alinakremer.com

Super Dovee portrait

Super Dovee portrait

Dovee is an ambassador for Mickacoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue. Please visit their website: www.pigeonrescue.org

You can buy Super Dovee merchandise: http://www.printfection.com/MickaCooGear/SUPER-Dovee
Not only will you have a copy of this lovely portrait, you will also be supporting a wonderful organisation.

If any of you have a painting, sculpture or other type of portrait of your beloved pet pigeon or dove, I’d love to see it! Please contact me by commenting on this post or by clicking on the pink ‘Feedback’ tab on the right of the website. Thank you!

Some might say that now is the time to be saving up your pennies and thinking about that very special occasion that is creeping up. :)

Here are some pigeon presents I found on Etsy you may want to buy a pigeon-loving family member or friend, or ask someone to get for you for, say, Christmas:


The Rain Dancer – Fine art print by VyalaArts

I love New York Pigeon fine art print by DarlingRomea

“If the Facts don’t fit…” pigeon print by mightypigeon

Crown Victoria pigeon photograph by jessicaelysephotos


Hand drawn Pendant illustration of pigeons by mightypigeon

Pigeon Art Pendant by backbonestudio2

Dove Locket Necklace by saylorrose


Keep Calm and Pigeon On T-Shirt by keepcalmstore

Pigeon T-Shirt with Dots by smallgunns

Pigeon hat inspired by Mo Willems best selling children’s books by georgiabeckman


Pigeon Beads by TheCraftyBead

Pigeon cushion cover by Mirthquake

I’ve been looking at some really impressive tattoos online. Just type “pigeon tattoo” in the search engine for amazing results! (Should I get one? Should I? :) )

Some examples:

From In Skin Tattoo Studio in Tunbridge Wells:

Dove tattoo by Mark

Outline doves back neck tattoo by Mark

Someone even has Mo Willem’s pigeon:

They’re great children books. I’ve got a few and will most likely buy them all! :) http://www.pigeonpresents.com

I know I cannot avoid it, I know it will be upon us, but I’m mostly uninterested in the upcoming Olympics. However, one piece of news about the 2012 Olympics caught my eye:

London 2012: Olympic dove plane unveiled

3 April 2012 Last updated at 15:34

British Airways has repainted the first of nine A319s with a dove design to mark the London 2012 Olympics.

The artwork by designer Pascal Anson was the result of a contest run by the company and judged by artist Tracey Emin.

It will be seen for the first time on BA’s 1420 Heathrow to Copenhagen flight on Tuesday.

From: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-17600839

The designer Pascal Anson, says that “He chose the dove because as well as being a symbol of peace and social unity, it was used in ancient Olympics as a messenger to send Games reports to outlying villages, and the bird also played a role in Olympics ceremonies such as that at the last London Games in 1948.”

In the video the reporter states that “They’re calling them celebratory aircrafts for the London 2012 games, describing the dove as ‘sweet, lovely and peaceful’.” (Then he ruins it by saying, “Would you agree?”)

It’s nice to see the dove is still being championed as a symbol of peace. Since there is no scientific difference between a dove and a pigeon, will we be able to convince the masses to view the feral pigeon the same as the dove? :) Maybe we should rename all pigeons as “doves” and peoples perception of them will change? What do you think?

More about the new dove planes:

3 April 2012 Last updated at 12:50

London 2012: British Airways Olympics dove plane unveiled

By Michael Hirst
BBC 2012

BA plane painted with London 2012 dove design
It took a 10-strong team 950 man hours to paint the A319 – which carries 132 passengers and is one of the smaller passenger planes in BA’s fleet

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well, actually, it’s a plane painted to look like a bird.

British Airways has repainted the first of nine A319s with a dove design to mark the London 2012 Olympics. The artwork by Brighton-based designer Pascal Anson will be seen for the first time on BA’s 1420 Heathrow to Copenhagen flight on Tuesday.

The design is the result of a contest, run by the company with the aim of promoting British talent in the run up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Turner prize-nominated artist Tracey Emin was on the judging panel which picked Mr Anson’s design from hundreds of entries last July, and she has mentored the Kingston University design tutor throughout the project.

Inspired by planes he saw flying in and out of Gatwick during his commute, Anson said that as a three-dimensional designer, he wanted to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary, while playing with people’s perceptions of flying objects.

“I wanted to do something that would make people stop and think differently about what they were looking at,” he told the BBC. “I’ve often looked up at aircraft landing and wondered if it’s a bird or a plane, and the idea developed from there.”

Scale of a dove

He chose the dove because as well as being a symbol of peace and social unity, it was used in ancient Olympics as a messenger to send Games reports to outlying villages, and the bird also played a role in Olympics ceremonies such as that at the last London Games in 1948.

Pascal Anton with Tracey Emin Tracy Emin mentored Pascal Anson throughout the project

Although Anson wanted to avoid creating a photographic representation of a bird, he did want the design to be dove-like, which meant BA for the first time has painted the whole of the plane’s livery, rather than just its tail-fin.

This created both design and artistic challenges, in terms of scale – as an A319 is 500 times larger than a dove – and surface, in terms of trying to get the soft lines of the dove’s feathers onto the hard metallic surface of the plane.

He wanted to use a metallic colour but metallic paints are not allowed on aircraft as they interfere with radar signal so a new mica resin was mixed to give the bright gold finish – a colour which the team have dubbed “dove gold”.

BA’s operations manager for external appearance, David Barnes, said the job was the most complex his team had undertaken – both because of the intricacy of the design, and the fact that it encompassed the whole plane.

Emin praised the completed work at the plane’s unveiling on Tuesday, saying she liked the way it “brings back back the excitement of travel”.

“I will constantly be looking up every time I hear a plane fly over,” she said. “You never know, maybe I will turn into a plane-spotter.”

From: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-17565838

Once upon a time, as a little girl wandering about my local library, I found a book on origami. As an art form it intrigued me, however, I wasn’t much good at it. I seemed to lack the ability to fold a piece of paper in a neat fold. So the book was returned and my attention went elsewhere.

Today my husband showed me a photo of an origami blue bar pigeon (the photo below) and I went, “Wow! I want it!!” Isn’t it impressive? Looks like he gift wrapped a pigeon! :D Blue Bar Pigeon by Seth Friedman:

Blue Bar Pigeon by Seth Friedman

Upon searching for other origami pigeons I found this amazing one, called Paloma de Barras Azules by Roman Diaz:

Paloma de Barras Azules by Roman Diaz

We may not be able to make such complicated and delicate folds as the above origami sculptures, however, I’m sure we could make this one: Origami Dove. Such a simple and beautiful design:

Origami dove

And isn’t this origami pigeon gorgeous?

I also found this website that has a gallery of origami pigeons and doves: http://www.origami-kids.com/photo-birds/pigeon-1.htm

My darling little sister drew a portrait of Elmo and Georgie as a Christmas present for us. She did the drawing first by hand then copied it onto the computer with one of those pen thingamajigs (drawing tools).

I will print it out and have it framed at some point, however, here’s the beautiful picture for your viewing pleasure. :)

Georgie & Elmo portrait by Rangi Csiszar

Some interesting and very beautiful finds. If I had any natural talent or inclination I would be an artist. I will be eternally jealous of those who can create. (I thought I had already posted these links but I hadn’t, so here there are now.)

Here are some links to artists who create on feathers, with feathers or with eggs:

JBW Studio – Little worlds inside real eggshells

Feather Art by Ian Davie

Feather Art by Brandy Davis

Incredible Feather Art by Kate MccGwire

I’ve always wanted a locket. Maybe I’m just a romantic (or still a little girl), but I find lockets so special and beautiful. However, I never got around to buying one. I guess I’m waiting for that special someone to give me one for, say, on an anniversary or birthday (hint hint, hubby). Then I got to thinking (uh oh, that’s dangerous) and realised that I’d love to have a locket with a pigeon engraved/painted/embossed on it, because pigeons are so very dear to me. So I did a bit of research and I have to say I’m very disappointed. I put “pigeon locket” in a search engine and found that there are practically no lockets with feral pigeons on them. The only one I could find is this one, which I find quite quirky (but not romantic):

ROAR Like a Pigeon Recycled Magnetic Locket Set by Polarity

ROAR Like a Pigeon Recycled Magnetic Locket Set by Polarity

Typing “dove locket” into a search engine is a different story. There are a multitude of “the dove of peace” lockets out there, mainly because of the religious symbolism of the white dove (see Pigeon Symbolism).

I don’t want to be dismissive towards the beautiful white dove/pigeon but I connect more with the grey feral pigeon and would like that depicted in a locket. However, I do find this dove of peace locket very pretty: Harmony, dove of peace by cocoachuchu

Harmony, dove of peace by cocoachuchu

I think I will have to commission a feral pigeon locket – probably on etsy.com since I’ve seen a few artists there whose style I like, such as birds of oregon and verabel.

Hopefully, one day I’ll receive a beautiful pigeon locket from my gorgeous wonderful husband. (Am I trying to hard here, ladies? Do you think he’s got the hint? :) )

I am very happy because today we have received paintings of Georgie and Elmo! :D

I asked an artist friend of mine, Ciara Healy, if she could paint our pigeons and she replied “of course”. She came round to see them and immediately fell in love with them.

Here’s her work:

Pigeon portraits

Displayed proudly in the living room

Georgie portrait

Georgie girl

Elmo portrait

Elmo boy

Ciara has really caught the mood of our pigeons and we are thrilled to have her artwork in our home. Wonderful portraits!

See more about Ciara Healy at: http://www.ciarahealy.com/