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Continuing briefly on the book theme, I went into a bookstore today and as normal walked straight to the nature/pet section for a quick scan for any good books since I’m always on the lookout for new pigeon books.

One title caught my eye: Fifty Animals That Changed the Course of History – and I knew I had to have a peak inside to see whether they had included the humble pigeon. And I’m happy to report that they had!!

It is nice to see credit given to the pigeon for the services they have rendered to mankind. I sadly didn’t buy the book since I have absolutely no space left on the bookshelf (…or under the bed… or in the wardrobe) but I had a quick read at the pigeon section and they mentioned the fact that pigeons were used to send messages in ancient times as well as in WWI and WWII. Pretty much the stuff that us pigeon people all know about already, however, for those who don’t know anything about pigeons it’s a good thing to read.

I know the article about the friendship between an orphaned monkey and a dove made its rounds on the net a while ago, however, their story has also been published in a book (which I have, and love!): Unlikely Friendship: 47 True Stories of Animal Frienships

If you have any good books with pigeons or doves in it, I’d love to hear from you!

There are currently around 318 species of pigeons and doves in the world. Many are threatened with extinction and already many species are extinct. 

There are two websites I would like to highlight.

The first is called The Sixth Extinction, a website about the current biodiversity crisis, which is an educational site highlighting the plight of many species and aiming to bring this to the attention of the public. With more people aware of the problem then maybe more people will help (in ways explained in: Stop Extinction! How Can You Help?). The site also contains lists of globally extinct animals (and the list of birds: Globally Extinct: Birds).

It is so scary and very sad how quickly animals are disappearing – many without anyone even knowning anything about them – they are gone before discovery! Awareness of the problem is the first step, with Action a quick second.

The second website is called Columbidae Conservation, a UK based charity working towards the conservation of pigeons and doves, as well as their habitat, around the world.

The site contains news about conservation efforts, as well as publications on scientific studies (e.g. ecological, behavioural) about different pigeon species.

The following map from the website shows the distribution of pigeons and doves (click on the maps to make them bigger):

And the distribution of extinct and vulnerable species:

More about the above maps at: http://www.columbidae.org.uk/Columbidae%20Conservation%20index.html

I found various sites that have lists of extinct pigeons, however, none seemed to have the same amount of species, so please don’t treat the following list as gospel – it’s just what I’ve put together from the various sites:

Extinct pigeon and dove species

  1. Bonin Wood Pigeon Columba versicolor
  2. Dodo Raphus cucullatus
  3. Huahine Cuckoo-dove Macropygia arevarevauupa
  4. Liverpool Pigeon Caloenas maculata
  5. Mauritius Blue Pigeon Alectroenas nitidissima
  6. Norfolk Island Ground-dove Gallicolumba norfolciensis
  7. Passenger Pigeon Ectopistes migratorius
  8. Red-moustached Fruit-dove Ptilinopus mercierii
  9. Réunion Pigeon Columba duboisi
  10. Rodrigues Pigeon Alectroenas rodericana
  11. Rodrigues Solitaire Pezophaps solitaria
  12. Ryukyu Pigeon Columba jouyi
  13. Solomon Island Crowned Pigeon Microgoura meeki
  14. St. Helena Dove Dysmoropelia dekarchiskos
  15. Tanna Ground-dove Gallicolumba ferruginea
  16. Thick-billed Ground Dove Gallicolumba salamonis


  1. Lord Howe White-throated Pigeon Columba vitiensis godmanae
  2. Madeiran Wood Pigeon Columba palumbus maderensis
  3. Norfolk Island Pigeon Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae spadicea