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No, we didn’t have pigeon on the menu! (Many people jokingly suggested it! For shame!) However, we did try to incorporate pigeons and birds in our Christmas decorations. We’ll try to go all out next year, but for now we are happy with the few purchases we made:








I have to admit that yesterdays Christmas card was Photoshopped – because there is no way that we could have orchestrated a peaceful photo shoot with Elmo and Georgie standing together on the Christmas tree. So with a bit of magic, Richard put the following two photos together.


We think that Elmo approved of the tree.


Georgie wasn't too sure about the tree.

Georgie is still on her fake egg, and she seems happy so I didn’t take it away yet. She didn’t want to celebrate Christmas with us – she is too dedicated to her egg to leave it.

Elmo, on the other hand, got what he wished for: pine nuts and lots of love. We didn’t have to get him anything else – he is one happy pigeon! :)

Last year Georgie was more interested in Christmas. Here she is sneaking a peak under the tree to see if she’s got any presents:


And I got what I wanted for Christamas: a wonderful pigeon necklace! Thank you hubby!! xxx

Pigeon in Flight Pendant Necklace by SunshowerCreations on Etsy

I threw out lots of seed and peanuts for the birds in the garden on Christmas Day, and immediately the woodpigeons that roost in the big tree on the other side of the hedge came down to gobble up all the food (with a feral pigeon to join them):



I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and have given their pet pigeons or their local wild ones lots of love!! Merry Christmas!

The other day when I was out in the snow looking for Christmassy things I saw some nice bird baubles and I thought that next year our Christmas tree should be decorated only with bird baubles and decorations (haven’t the time nor cash to do it properly this year). A real pigeon tree! :)

I know some of you out there have been very creative with your decorations (e.g. pigeon stockings!) and I’d love to see photos of them.

I’ve already bought a few decorations which I’ll show you later but for now here’s some I found on the net:

Gold dove Christmas decoration from Shop Art - The National Gallery

Old fashioned fabric dove from shutterstock

Earthenware dove from SeaHolly Ceramics

Baby Mourning Dove Christmas ornament by Melody Lea Lamb

Dove shape ornament from WellPromo.com

Dove of Peace by Doggyhugs

Love Dove card that turns into a decoration by Polli

from Christmas Tree Land