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Mr. Pigeon arrives waving hello!

We received a present from Elmo and Georgie yesterday. They surprised us by getting us our very own Mr. Pigeon! :)

He arrived in style, complete with passport and name tag. I also found some instructions for me to knit a top for him (hmmm, now do I have a “Knitting for Dummies” somewhere?).

I love him. Mr. Pigeon is adorable. A great mascot too! :) I haven’t decided his first name yet, so he’ll be addressed as “Mr. Pigeon” for the time being. After he gets used to living with us and we see his character coming out, we’ll then think of a suitable first name.

I couldn’t wait to introduce him to Georgie and Elmo.

Here’s Elmo’s reaction to seeing Mr. Pigeon for the first time:

Hilarious! I don’t think Mr. Pigeon appreciated all that attention.


New arrival: the adorable Mr. Pigeon

We placed Mr. Pigeon next to Elmo in his nest while Elmo was still very excited, and after a few strokes from Mr. Pigeon, Elmo tried to feed him!! :D


Elmo feeding Mr. Pigeon

Georgie wasn’t too sure about him. She gave him a light peck and walked away. He’ll have to try harder to win her affections.


Mr. Pigeon and Georgie

I discovered the wonderful life of Mr. Pigeon when I came upon this fun blog by Charlie P: The Pigeon Loft. And you can buy one from Charlie’s shop when they are available: The Pigeon Loft Shop on Etsy. (More about knitted pigeons: Knitted pigeons.)

We’ll keep you posted on how Elmo and Georgie take to sharing their home with Mr. Pigeon! I’ll have to remember to share my time equally so that no one becomes jealous. :)


Elmo sizes Mr. Pigeon up


Elmo greets Mr. Pigeon, "Why, hello there!"

It is very weird to think how far my husband and I have come in just a few short years. 4 years ago we didn’t know anything about pigeons, especially on how to look after disabled ones. So how did we end up with two special needs pigeons?

Well, it all began when I fell in love with feral pigeons, especially the babies, after I began to care and interact with them at work (a wildlife rescue centre). I was able to see up close and personal just how wonderful pigeons are. They are truly remarkable birds. However, I never thought in a million years that I would one day bring home a young disabled pigeon. Just a few months before we received Georgie, Richard and I were talking about adopting a cat (at that time I also worked part time at a domestic animal rescue and was falling in love with the elderly unwanted cats). However, those plans were quickly scrapped when a young pigeon needed a home. Georgie had been hand-raised at my work (after she was found on the ground as a baby) and was resisting all attempts for her to integrate into pigeon society. We knew she had sight problems and were trying to get her to live in the disabled pigeon aviary, however, Georgie was having none of it. She didn’t know how to eat seed (that ability came much later) and she didn’t like other pigeons. She only wanted to be with people.

One day, and I’m not quite sure how the idea came into my head (remember, at that time I had no knowledge of anyone keeping a pigeon as a pet), I decided to take Georgie home with the hopes that she would be happy living with us. That day has changed our lives.

It wasn’t hard to fall in love with George. Everything she did filled us with wonder and joy. Georgie opened our eyes and enabled us to even consider providing a home to another disabled pigeon. Without Georgie we most likely would not have Elmo. Because Georgie’s need was clear and evident and I saw her every day, I was able to see what it was she needed in order to be happy. It was only because my boss knew I had George at home that she was able to say, “Yes, I know of someone who will be able to give him a home,” when she received a phone call with the story of Elmo.

We cannot imagine our lives without Elmo and Georgie. I spend my evenings with Georgie on my lap and feel very blessed to have her. Elmo fills us with such joy (he’s such a clown!) and love – it is amazing.

So back to the beginning, when we first got Georgie. There we are, two people and a pigeon (and two geribls). Panic. I know nothing about pigeons. What does that behaviour mean? Why did George do that? What does that cooing noise mean? etc, etc. I began searching the internet for answers. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found forums and websites about pigeons as pets!

The first one I found was Pigeon-Talk and I quickly logged on and made some enquiries. Reading back on them I find my posts quite funny. You can clearly see that I knew nothing about pigeons. :) While I don’t claim to be an expert in everything pigeon, I do claim to be an expert when it comes to my Georgie and Elmo! I’ve learnt a lot in a short period of time. Later, we found the Pigeon Angels forum and met some lovely pigeon people. I learnt a lot from them too.

It was Richard’s idea to start this blog. He created it and then urged me to start writing every day (since he knows how much I love to write, although I’m a lazy blogger). It’s wonderful to share Elmo and Georgie with everyone around the world. The negative perception of feral pigeons needs to change, and the more pro-pigeon websites out there the better!

Thank you for reading my posts and I hope Elmo and Georgie have melted your hearts! :)

* * * * * * *

I have to make an apology now: although we have accounts with Flickr, Twitter and YouTube, I don’t really use them that often, only to post photos and videos. Please don’t take it personally if I don’t reply to a “friend” or “contact” request on those sites. I don’t really know how to use them and I prefer to use this blog and our Facebook page for all interactions (otherwise I feel rather thinly spread). Although I love keeping in contact with all the wonderful pigeon people out there, I find it hard to keep active on forums because of the constant stream of new posts. However, I do check in every now and then to see what’s going on.

We’ve made a few changes on this website.

The calender is now an Archive and should be easier to navigate. Simply click on the month and year you want and read through the posts (it shows the last post of the month first). At the bottom of the page you’ll find a “Previous entries” button to go back through to the beginning of the month. Please note that in 2010 there was a post a day so there’s quite a lot of reading to do if you’ve only just found us! :D

Another change we made was to add a “Featured” box at the top (part of the row of pink boxes) which contains those posts we think should stand out on their own because of the information in them (e.g. what to do if you find an injured pigeon, and about pigeons and disease).

As we learn more about pigeons and have more contact with other pigeon people we’ll be making changes and adding or taking away things we think will help make our blog as pigeon friendly as possible!

We’re not a pigeon rescue centre, we don’t breed or sell pigeons, nor do we race or show pigeons. We simply share our lives with two amazing feral pigeons who show us every day that life with pigeons is life worth living.

(Too corny? :) )

A year ago today my husband created this blog to brag about our darling pigeons, Elmo and Georgie, and to help advocate pigeons as the fantastic species they are.

I was left in charge of the writing side of things whilst my hubby took care of the design and maintenance aspects. The goal was to post something every single day, without fail.

I have to admit, at times it has been hard to come up with subjects to write about (especially if I was ill) and often I cheated by simply posting an article I had seen or by posting videos on Fridays. To my dismay it was harder than I thought to find pro-pigeon videos to post. Thankfully, our wonderful pets kept us entertained with lots of adventures to write about and I’ve been busy throughout the year taking photos and videos of them.

We are very fortunate to have connected with other pigeon lovers in the world and share with them our experiences. I cannot thank you all enough for all the advice, fun and love we have received!! It has certainly been an adventure! :)

During this year of blogging we have learnt so much from our own two pigeons as well as from watching the wild ones in our garden and in town. Elmo and Georgie give us so much love and we have been trying to spread that to others.

I hope to continue this blog with lots more adventures and interesting stories about pigeons. It may not be every day now – it has been a marathon of blogging! – but I’ll certainly try to keep up a steady flow of posts.

Thank you all for following and sharing the pigeon love!!

We wouldn’t be here doing this without your support! :)

I love finding positive blogs about pigeons. I’d be searching for one thing then notice something different and follow that route until I find a lovely pigeon blog! It’s great to see so many pigeon lovers out there.

Here are some blogs about pigeons (many you might already know of):

  • Pigeons Aren’t Perfect – This wonderful blog was set up to “praise, promote and publicise pigeons. After all, they are not perfect but they do need looking after.”
  • Pigeon Tales – Interesting blog following the lives of a family of feral pigeons living with the author.
  • People for the Preservation of Pigeons - An informative and important blog that is “concerned with the protection and preservation of mankind’s oldest domestic bird, the gentle and loyal pigeon.”
  • Pigeon Blog – An online diary of a London pigeon.
  • Pigeon Madness – All about pigeons – breeding, info, videos and much much more!
  • Rescue Report – Wonderful blog about fostering and adopting pigeons (from MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue).
  • The Pigeon Nest – A blog that features articles, information and the latest news about pigeons.
  • The Pigeon Loft - About the adventures of a knitted pigeon, Mr. Pigeon.
  • Pigeon Hole - Blog containing “‘Pigeon Facts’, personal pigeon experiences and musings, photographs and videos.”
  • The It-Pigeon – Blog containing photos of feral pigeons. “Who will be next?”

If you know of any other pigeon blogs, please don’t hesitate to let me know! :)