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Our darling pigeon-pie is FIVE years old!!! :D


I cannot believe another year has gone by. I feel very lucky to have such a gorgeous, loving pigeon in my home. Every day with Georgie brings little joys and surprises.

For Georgie girl’s special day we bought her a big jar of linseeds – a seed that she LOVES!


Georgie's Hatchday party

Elmo dressed for the occasion with a smart bowtie (which he hated so I had to take it off):


Elmo looking smart

And the birthday girl wore a pretty little heart necklace:


Georgie looking pretty, albeit scruffy from her moult

When Elmo saw Georgie tucking into her present he became jealous and jumped over to have his share!

I was very conscious of the fact that Elmo could peck Georgie so had to keep them seperate as best as I could with one hand. After a while Georgie realised that Elmo was stealing her present and she attempted to slap him:


Georgie tries to slap Elmo

We are wishing Elmo a very happy hatchday!!

For those who aren’t familiar with his story please go to his bio page. Elmo is 10 years old, and he’s been with us for two years exactly today. Since we don’t know the month when he hatched, only the year, we have made today his hatchday.

It feels like we have had Elmo for longer – he’s such an integral part of our family. I can imagine how sweet and adorable he would have been as a baby, since he’s so sweet and adorable now. Can you imagine Elmo as a little squeaker, with yellow fluff on his head and body, begging for food from his adopted mum? It melts my heart. Sadly, though, we haven’t got any photos of him when we was a baby – nor do we know anything about his early years. All I can say though is that we are so happy to have Elmo in our lives and he’s certainly converted a lot of people who have met him into pigeon admirers!

In the two years we’ve had him he’s gone on holiday with us, become broody, almost flew away, had his portrait painted, fallen in love with a cup and has given us a very big scare.

Having determined that Elmo loves pine nuts we decided to decorate a cupcake with them for his hatch day party.




Today is Georgie girl’s birthday (oops, hatchday!!)! I cannot believe she’s already 3 years old. It feels like we’ve had her for longer. For those who aren’t familiar with her story please go to her bio page.

It seems like only yesterday we brought home a small semi-blind boy, who later turned out to be a girl. We had to get over that shock first and start viewing Georgie as a girl (took me a while).

Today we celebrate the 2 years, 3 months we’ve had Georgie in our home. Over the past few years George has had to learn how to feed for herself (after almost a year of hand-feeding), she’s learnt to wear a bird harness and she’s been eggbound once. We lost her at one point and we’ve had to rehab her over her hot chocolate addiction. Georgie’s eyesight seems to have become a bit better – but still cloudy in one eye. The other has a distorted pupil.

We feel very privileged to have her in our life and hope to have many many many many more years with her.

Here’s Georgie and her pyramid of fairy cakes. Later she’s going to have a bowl of popcorn – her favourite! :)