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Happy New Year!

2014 is going to be a fantastic year – I can feel it. :)

And what better way to spend the beginning of the new year than to take photos of your beloved animals. … Or attempt to, as is the case with me and my lovely pigeons. I don’t think I’ve managed to take a single clear, crisp photo of Elmo and Georgie. The light has either been too dim or they’ve moved or my camera pretends to be something other than a camera when I try to take a photo (I think it secretly wants to be a radio).

I was so hoping to show you some wonderful photos of my darling pigeons, but instead you shall gaze lovingly at the blurry shots of Elmo and Georgie. I know that you know they are wonderful pigeons with big personalities, but I would like to portray this through the medium of photography. I must try harder. And also to cure Georgie of her hatred of flashing lights (always a detriment when taking flash photography). And Elmo is so vain that as soon as he sees the camera he has to move about and dance to it. … I know what you’re thinking, “Excuses, excuses.” :)

So after all that, here are the first photos of Georgie and Elmo in 2014:




For weeks now we have been trying to capture on camera Elmo doing the Very Big Hop – with no success.

Let me explain what the Very Big Hop is:

Elmo is busy attacking my hands on the sofa. Then he sees Richard’s hand hovering over his nest. Eagerly leaving my hands Elmo walks (with a certain glint in his eyes) over to his nest and does a Very Big Hop with tail fanned out, ending with his head bowed low under his body under Richard’s hand. Ta-da!!

It is the sweetest thing ever to watch! So funny!

But every time we try to set the scene Elmo doesn’t do the Very Big Hop – rather a very small one, which doesn’t have the same flare and character as the Very Big Hop. … Somehow I think Elmo knows what we’re doing and actively sabotages the camera shot.

We’ll just have to keep trying.

Watch this space! :)

Just now I took a few photos of Georgie on the floor. She was standing there pecking at the air – completely in a world of her own – and surprisingly she didn’t respond to the camera light going on as I took photos of her (I disabled the flash though because I know that that would definately snap her out of her daydreaming).


So there I am, lying on my stomach, snapping away when these appear in front of the camera:


Elmo just has to be involved in everything that happens in our home!! :)

I tried to shoo him away but he just kept running over to me, cooing and prancing about like the little attention seeker he is! At one point he tried to mate with the camera! Silly boy.

Not happy with me ignoring his advances Elmo then proceeds to claim me by jumping onto my back and dancing up and down.


Pigeons can be so demanding!! :)

Ps. Georgie’s eye looks better. She’s no longer closing it and it doesn’t look dry. Yay!

Internet problem solved. Hooray! So now I can upload photos and videos of pigeons. However, before that, just want to let you know that last night I heard something knock over the seed containers in the garden so I turned off the lights and carefully peered through the curtains into the garden and after my eyes adjusted to the dark I saw a big black and white creature sniffing about. I couldn’t believe it, we had a badger in the garden!! We had suspected them since something had been digging little holes in the garden, however, I didn’t want to get my hopes up until I saw it with my own eyes, and last night I got full proof! I adore badgers (badger cubs smell like biscuits!) so I’m very happy to see my first badger in the wild, if you can call our garden ‘the wild’. :)

So in total, the wildlife observed in our garden are: woodpigeons, feral pigeons, magpies, robins, blue tits, great tits, long-tailed tits, coal tits, dunnocks, blackbirds, songthrushes, redwings, blackcaps, bullfinches, greenfinches, jays, chaffinches, foxes, squirrels, rats and badgers.

We’re planning to buy a nightvision motion sensor wildlife camera to record all the comings and goings in our garden at night. It will be interesting viewing!

Ok, back to pigeon business.

Yesterday I reported how Georgie was getting annoyed with me because of the flash going off when I was taking photos of her. Here’s a video of her attacking my foot (although by this time she was a bit tired so her attacking is a bit half-hearted to be honest).

Georgie loves to attack our feet when we are wearing socks, the fluffier the better. Soon after taking the video I cuddled her for a long time to calm her down but she was still a bit angry with me over the flash. Silly girl.

And here’s how Richard spends his evenings. There’s no better way! :)


Cuddle time!

… webcam?

Last week my wife wrote about the wireless IP webcam we bought to keep an eye on Elmo.

Well, the nifty piece of kit arrived on Wednesday last week, and after a little configuring I managed to get it up and running in time for my holiday to Denmark.

I have to say, the novelty of keeping an eye on your most precious beloved pet is fantastic. If he’s in the corner of the room I just pan the camera around, or tilt it down.

Elmo slept for the most part and I could see and hear him cooing away for no apparent reason at times.

All in all, a great purchase!

Next, I need one for Georgie, and I’ll be getting an outdoor wireless IP webcam to keep an eye on our birdfeeder.

Taking bird spotting to the next level!