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For those who doubt the awesomeness of pigeons here’s some interesting facts for you: 17 ways that pigeons are cooler than humans by Megan McCormick

And some funny photos: 23 pictures that prove pigeons are actually the best by Tanner Ringerud

This website puts it nicely too: 21 reasons you should appreciate pigeons by Stephen Messenger

So, after reading all that, do you agree with me? Pigeons are amazing! :D

This Friday, the 13th of June, is Pigeon Appreciation Day and people around the world will be spreading the word and celebrating all that is wonderful about pigeons! Join us!!




The purpose of Pigeon Appreciation Day is to spread the word that pigeons are wonderful birds that don’t deserve the dislike and hatred they often receive.

Pigeons are amazing. I could list down all the amazing things they can do and have done - such as saving peoples lives in WWI and WWII. Thirty-two pigeons received the PDSA Dickin Medal for their life-saving action in conflict! - but I believe the list would go on and on since there are so many wonderful things about pigeons.

Don’t believe me? Well have a look at the videos of our two disabled pigeons, Elmo and Georgie, and see how lovely pigeons are: www.youtube.com/PigeonsAsPets

So please don’t dismiss the humble feral pigeon. They are intelligent, caring, and loyal birds. They are also full of character – as anyone who has had close contact with a tame pigeon will testify!

There are many, many people around the world who, through rescuing an injured or orphaned pigeon, now have a wonderful companion living by their side. We, at Pigeons as Pets, have personally received emails from many of these people telling us their story and sharing photos and videos of their pet pigeons. We feel privaleged to see into their world.

I believe that by celebrating pigeons on this day every year for years to come we all will help dispel the myth that pigeons are dirty and diseased. Humans once loved pigeons – they were used for food and as messangers, and their faeces were highly prized as fertiliser – and I think we will learn to love pigeons once again! (But hopefully not to use them for food anymore.)


Two feral pigeons

A good way to show your appreciation is to support a pigeon-friendly charity, sanctuary or organisation. Here are a some suggestions:

Last year there were many posts about Pigeon Appreciation Day, so I think we need to keep up with the good publicity and promote pigeons!! :D


Celebration time!

Our previous years posts: www.pigeonsaspets.co.uk/category/pigeon-appreciation-day

Finally, Elmo and Georgie both want to thank you for all the suppport and love!! It is so nice to hear from you, especially when you share photos and videos of your wonderful pigeons!

One of my favourite days is finally upon us! :)

Pigeon Appreciation Day!!

Spread the word – spread the love – it’s time to celebrate Columbiformes around the world!!

Today is about showing our appreciation – worldwide – and letting other people know that we appreciate pigeons for what they are: loyal, funny, loving, and intelligent birds who, given the chance, will make a strong connection with people.

Our disabled pet pigeons, Elmo and Georgie, would like to wish everyone a very Happy Pigeon Day! They gathered all their pigeon toy friends to join in the celebration:






It has been raining the past few days but today the sun peeped out and chased the rain away, so the visiting pigeon flock enjoyed their bountiful breakfast in our garden in the glorious weather, although the squirrel scared them away from the seed dish to scoff his face (never one to miss a free breakfast!). I knew this was most likely going to happen so I spread the seed throughout the garden to ensure that everyone got something to eat.





On Facebook 656 people have indicated they will celebrate today: Pigeon Appreciation Day 2012

To find like minded people:

We’ve all heard about white doves being released at weddings, anniversaries, funerals, memorials and other events and celebrations, however, what many of us don’t realise (myself included until I did some research) is that the white doves are in fact white racing/homing pigeons (Columba livia) that have been trained and have the instinct to fly home.

In fact, some people release white ringneck doves (Streptopelia risoria), which are completely unsuitable for releasing since they have no homing instinct and will in fact hang around to either die of starvation or be eaten by birds of prey. They do not fly home and therefore should never be released! (If you do in the UK then you could be prosecuted by the RSPCA for animal cruelty.) The ringneck dove is a domesticated species and the white colour is a common colour mutation of the species: Species Information – Ringneck Dove – White Mutation

The following professional dove release websites state how important it is to book professionals who train the correct species for release: White Dove Release Professionals, Lovey Dovey UK and Wings of Love.

The Professional Standards of members of the International White Dove Society state:

Rules of Release

  1. We release only well trained, well cared for WHITE DOVES from white racing pigeon stock. These are also known as Rock Doves or Columba livia. Under no circumstance are other types of doves ever released, although other types may be used for display.
  2. We only release doves out-of-doors during daylight hours.
  3. We never release birds if the conditions become unsafe due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.
  4. We will not release birds beyond a range that they are able to safely fly.
  5. We use only well trained birds for releases.
  6. While birds are being held for display, we assure that they are in baskets that are large enough to be comfortable and safe.  The baskets or cages will be kept in safe areas, not too hot or too cold.
  7. We never ship birds for self release.

For the rest please visit: http://whitedovesociety.org/standards-to-link.htm

The following is from Pigeon Angels:

As part of “White Dove Releases”, domestic ringneck doves are sometimes mistakenly or cruelly released instead of trained white homing pigeons.

The link below shows photos comparing a domestic white dove (Ringneck Dove) with a white homing pigeon (Rock Dove). http://www.white-dove-releases.com/faq.htm

Please note !
Eye color is not a reliable way to tell the difference between a white dove and a white pigeon. Some white ringneck doves have very dark eyes – such as the Bulleyed White (genetically, a white pied). http://www.dovepage.com/species/domestic/Ringneck/ringneckcolorlist.html

The easiest way to tell the difference between doves and (adult) pigeons is that ringneck doves have no flesh on their bills at all.

If you want to have doves released on a special occassion, then please ensure you book from a professional business that use white racing pigeons not white ringneck doves. There is really no point in marring a special day with animal cruelty (not that animal cruelty is acceptable on any occassion).