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Richard and I are of the opinion that children should grow up with animals in their lives.

We believe that a child’s life is enriched when it is spent with a loved animal. Yes, it is a fact that many animals have a shorter lifespan than humans and will die whilst the child is growing up. Although it will be painful to loose a beloved pet, the joy, love and beauty of sharing your life with an animal is too rewarding to miss out on.

Both my husband and I grew up with animals during our childhood and we have both experienced the joys of playing with and caring for wonderful animals and the heartache they caused us when they died. Sometimes the heartache is too painful to think about but death is something nobody can avoid. One day Elmo and Georgie will leave us, which will break our hearts.

I hope that both Elmo and George will still be with us when we have children. If they aren’t then we’ll have more pigeons and animals in our life for our future children to learn how to respect other living creatures, how to care for them, to learn about life and death, and to experience all the lovely things animals do.

I have begun to search for children books with pigeons as the main subject. Here are some I found (all of which I haven’t read… yet):

My favourite animals to care for (besides pigeons of course) are rats, gerbils, guinea-pigs and dogs. I also want to care for donkeys at some point (I’m a big donkey fan!!). But pigeons are number one! :)

Hopefully our future home will be filled with a variety of animals.

I have to say that one thing I really cannot stand is seeing children chasing pigeons. I didn’t even like to see it when I was a kid myself. I guess it is exciting and fun for some kids to chase a pigeon but all I can think about is the poor pigeon that is trying to find food and doesn’t want to be bothered and chased. I believe in respecting the life of animals. Children can have fun with pigeons in other ways such as feeding pigeons in a park or in a garden. I saw the following link on a pigeon forum and thought it was great that a website aimed at kids have written about not pestering pigeons (as well as other animals). Have a read: Don’t Pester the Pigeons!