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This year we’ve been blessed with a wonderful sunny May Bank Holiday weekend (in the South East of England at least), and I’ve certainly been taking advantage of it and had a wonderful time out with Elmo and Georgie in the garden.

It’s such a pleasure to know that my disabled, indoor pigeons are gaining so much from being in the sun. And I know they enjoy it too because of their behaviour. Georgie wouldn’t stop sunbathing – stretching out her wing and tail feathers to maximise their exposure to the sunshine. She was loving it! … When she started panting I knew she was a bit too hot so I gave her a drink of water and put her in the shade to cool off.




Elmo simply wanted to stand on the picnic blanket and preen by my side. He kept stepping closer and closer to me in between bouts of preening until he was right against my leg – which he then started tickling with his beak (as if he was preening it).




I really do hope this summer will be a sunny one so Elmo and Georgie have more goodness in the sun!

Earlier last week I saw a lovely brown coloured feral pigeon in our garden:



We’ve had one before (see: Brown pigeon) so it may be the parent of this one. Such a pretty colour!

Spotted a very unusual coloured pigeon in our garden. Not seen this colouration before – I guess it would be classified as a red. I’ve seen reds before but never in such a dark brown so my eye was immediately attracted to it when I saw it fluttering down to the ground. (I don’t think these photos do it justice though.)




How does Elmo know who is male and who is female? This is the question that plagues my mind. If we have a male visitor come round to see us, Elmo is very happy and shows off. If we have a female visitor come round, Elmo will attack her at some point to warn her not to come too close. But how in the world does he know who’s female and who’s male? I just cannot understand it. Do we give off different smells? Colours? Is he noticing the fact that human females have breasts and human males don’t? Is it the length of our hair? Is it the voice difference? … Maybe it is a certain aura we emit that pigeons can see? Or maybe Elmo is just that clever that he can tell the difference – just like humans can tell the difference – since Elmo thinks he’s a person. I wish I could ask him because it seems so amazing that Elmo can tell the difference. What a clever boy! :)

Ps. I did ponder this question a while back in Gay pigeon.

A while back we posted about Elmo attacking the underside of his nest (in Mood swings) and of being scared of a blue water tray in the garden (in Fly, birdie, fly!). His behaviour got me thinking. … In the old flat I used to wear a big blue bathrobe after having a shower and Elmo was very scared of it. There seems to be a connection here. I think Elmo doesn’t like the colour blue. In some situations he’s scared of the colour and in another he freaks out and attacks the offending coloured object. … I tend to wear blue quite often (my work uniform is blue for instance) and Elmo always attacks me with vigour. … Maybe I need to start wearing more green, which is Elmo’s favourite colour (I guess because it reminds him of all the nice green things he can eat such as lettuce, grass, peas, etc.).

Elmo can be quite intimidating, as demonstrated by this photo:


Imagine waking up to this in the morning?! It’s a look that says, “Wake up now or I’ll peck you!” :D

  1. the way they dance,
  2. the way they coo,
  3. the softness of their feathers,
  4. their smell,
  5. their amazing feet (the scales and delicate nails),
  6. the beautiful colours they come in,
  7. their loving nature,
  8. their feistiness,
  9. the way they enjoy bathing and sunbathing,
  10. and their amazing resilient character.

There are so many more reasons and things we love about pigeons, and I’m sure I’ll be adding another list later.

What about you? What do you love about pigeons?

Some amazing pigeons out there! So varied in colour and size. Very beautiful!

I find this poster interesting:

pigeon color morphs

It comes from Project PigeonWatch: http://www.birds.cornell.edu/pigeonwatch

I would really love a book with photos of all the pigeon breeds and colours in the world. I’m sure that would be a very big book. While I don’t really agree with some of the fancy pigeon breeds (based on animal welfare views. I mean, some pigeons can barely walk properly or even feed their own babies!) I think there are some amazing shapes and colours out there.

The best colours are on pigeons that have a mixed background (the pied pigeons), then you get pigeons with patches of different colour on them. I tend to lean towards white pigeons with brown and grey patches on them. Very pretty. We have one that comes to our garden to raid the bird feeder and he/she is gorgeous. Other striking pigeons are really dark grey, almost black ones with a few white wing feathers.

At my workplace they have two chocolate brown archangel pigeons and they really attract peoples attention. :)