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Richard popped round to see the new aviary at my work place and see the new pigeons there, and Maddie girl became very interested in him and his attempt at talking pigeon:

A few photos of some of the loved up pairs:


Dora and Pidge


Lord Nelson and Maddie


Fleur and Marmalade

A few videos from Jenaka008′s Channel on YouTube. Some very sweet pigeons! :)

Just now I took a few photos of Georgie on the floor. She was standing there pecking at the air – completely in a world of her own – and surprisingly she didn’t respond to the camera light going on as I took photos of her (I disabled the flash though because I know that that would definately snap her out of her daydreaming).


So there I am, lying on my stomach, snapping away when these appear in front of the camera:


Elmo just has to be involved in everything that happens in our home!! :)

I tried to shoo him away but he just kept running over to me, cooing and prancing about like the little attention seeker he is! At one point he tried to mate with the camera! Silly boy.

Not happy with me ignoring his advances Elmo then proceeds to claim me by jumping onto my back and dancing up and down.


Pigeons can be so demanding!! :)

Ps. Georgie’s eye looks better. She’s no longer closing it and it doesn’t look dry. Yay!

Cooing comes in many different sounds: honks, squeaks, and in high and low tones. I love cooing doves. I find them comical.

Skip ahead to 0:22 for his adorable coo:

Wonder what he’s laughing at! :)

Elmo pigeon is a lucky boy because he gets to sleep right next to his mate (a.k.a. my husband!). Richard’s bedside table has been claimed as Elmo’s roosting spot – and we’ve put a nice fleece down for him to grip on. When it’s time to go to bed Elmo eagerly hops onto the bed and then onto the bedside table. He stands there, head down, cooing madly – calling Richard to bed!! It is really quite sweet and endearing. On the weekends we tend to go to bed later but if Elmo thinks we’re staying up too late he’ll go to the bedroom and call us to go to bed. What a sweetheart!

Sometimes Elmo stays up a bit to preen himself after I turn off the lights. We can hear quite clearly when his primary or tail feathers run through his beak. Sounds a bit metallic. If he’s a bit tired Elmo might fall asleep before I turn off the light. Elmo tends to sleep standing up on one leg with the other one tucked away. I often wonder how he doesn’t fall over in his sleep standing on one leg. I know that when birds perch the tendons in their legs tighten and their toes lock around the perch which prevents them from falling over in their sleep, however, what about pigeons that don’t perch on branches when they sleep?

Sometimes we can hear Elmo ‘grinding’ his beak as he goes to sleep. It’s hard to describe what he’s doing and I haven’t a clue why he does it but a soft grinding type of noise is made as he opens and closes his beak – like he’s chewing or smacking his lips together! It’s a very sweet thing to hear just as you’re falling alseep. To me it sounds as if he’s content and comfortable, gently falling asleep as he makes this soothing sound. Elmo’s our sleeping beauty!



I heard Elmo cooing and dancing in the kitchen so I went to investigate with my camera and Elmo promptly directed his energy to me:

I had a good day at work today with the wild, rescued and resident pigeons. Although it was a bit cold at times, today was sunny and clear and one of those days where you know you’ll get things done. One of the jobs I’ve been meaning to get done was to redo Pidge’s aviary, the aviary that houses tame and disabled pigeons (see Dora’s friends).

After the prolonged snow we had in December and again in January the roof of Pidge’s aviary caved in a bit and we had to relocate the pigeons into a smaller aviary. Unfortunately the original aviary had to be dismantled because it was old and worn down. We are planning on building a bigger aviary for the tame and disabled pigeons, however, we’ve had some setbacks so the pigeons are having to stay in the smaller one for a while still. They don’t seem to mind, they are so preoccupied in courting and nesting, but the hutches and perches needed redoing. And today was the day I was going to get it done!

So, first I had to locate another hutch and then needed to make some modifications to the existing ones, and then the aviary and hutches needed a total clean, and then I had to put in some logs and perches in the right places (to also allow the flightless pigeons to get up off the ground). And then fresh bedding material and fresh food and water was needed. Phew, hard work all this. … Ok, I’m making it sound as if I did all the work. In reality all the hard grafting was done by a strong volunteer, but I did all the brain work and organisation!!

And here’s the result:




I think it looks great. I had to make do with what was lying about my workplace and think a bit what would be best for the pigeons – by dividing the hutches up I’ve made more nesting places so all the pigeon pairs have a spot, and it will reduce any fighting. And now that the legs of the hutches have been removed Dora won’t be able to hide away to lay eggs – I can keep a better eye on what’s going on in the aviary and find eggs easily. When the new aviary is built I’ll get proper pigeon lofts built for them so it’ll look neater and be more appropriate for the pigeons.

Here’s a video of them in the new surroundings. At 1:15 you’ll see Stanley (white pigeon with grey patches on back) run into frame to woo Dora who flew down with Pidge hot on her heels. Stanley is very happy with the new hutches and logs because now he can get higher and follow Dora about more than he used to, although he still wants to get to the top perches but can’t because of his broken wing.

The other day a man brought in a friendly feral pigeon that had been hanging about a care home. The residents there were looking after the pigeon in their rooms, however, the warden had to remove it because of health and safety reasons (yeah, like the pigeon is going to kill all the people in the care home! Beware of the pigeons!).


The warden was very nice and obviously liked the pigeon. I think he was sad to have to remove it, but he was happy to hand it over to us for rehoming (we’ll later mix it with other ferals and have them released as a flock at a later date). There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s only very friendly, and funnily enough it looks exactly like one that comes to our garden. Today I put my hand in the cage and it started dancing and cooing at me and then running up to my fingers and pecking at them. Sweet!

And finally, I captured these ferals having a lazy moment at my work after a bath in the garden:



We had a visitor that really, really, REALLY liked Georgie and Elmo but we thought it was best not to let Minnie have any physical contact with them. You’ll see what I mean from the photo!


Minnie the dog wants to say hello to Georgie the pigeon

Before Minnie popped over for a sniff and to lick her lips (repeatedly whilst staring at Georgie in her cage) Elmo was practicing his disappearing act. We think he may have gotten jealous of Georgie when she played Hide and seek.

We heard a flutter and a thump and went to investigate. Sure enough, Elmo was nowhere to be found. Then we heard a noise and found the poor boy inbetween our desks and the radiator:


How he managed to fall there we don’t know since he’d have to crawl behind the PC monitors and over some stationery containers. Anyway, when Elmo saw us peering down at him he got excited and started cooing and bowing his head for Richard to come cuddle him. I think he may have found a new nesting site! Uh oh!!

Last year Richard and I went on holiday to Cornwall (with Elmo, read more: “Oh we do like to be beside the seaside”) and we visited a wildlife park called Porfell Wildlife Park & Sanctuary in Trecangate. While we were walking about looking at the different animals they had there (a variety of wildlife, farm and domestic animals) we were stopped by a very familiar sound – a pigeon cooing.

We were at an enclosure that had different types of birds in it (mainly ground dwelling birds such as pheasants) and we searched for the pigeon that we could hear calling us but couldn’t see. Then suddenly a beautiful white and grey fancy pigeon hopped down from its hiding place and started cooing and dancing for us. We caught it on video (we had to take out the sound because we sounded like idiots as we fawned over the pigeon!).

What a beauty! And such a lovely character – very human-oriented. This year when we go to Cornwall we’ll go see if the pigeon is still there. I hope so!


On Tuesday Richard wrote that we decided not to take Minnie home with us since Elmo was getting very jealous and territorial and attacking everything and everyone in his jealous anger. It wasn’t an outcome we had hoped for.

Elmo was chasing and trying to attack Minnie, who would fly onto Richard, which enraged Elmo even more (since Richard is his!). Then Elmo would take it out on Georgie – even attacking her on the floor which is something he never used to do! Poor pigeons! I have to admit we seemed to have messed things up with this! :(

And it wasn’t fair on Georgie either to have another pigeon in the flat since she cannot see properly. Minnie seemed to be quite interested in Georgie’s unusual looking eyes and would try to peck at them gently. Obviously Georgie didn’t like this and since Minnie can fly, George couldn’t really escape from her advances.

So after only having Minnie living with us for two weekends and evenings in one of the weeks, we made the decision to find her a new home. We have to think of what is best for our current pigeons.

During the week when Minnie was in the aviary at my workplace she was getting a lot of attention from the temporary ferals in the aviary next to her. The males were all cooing and dancing to her and I could see that she was interested in them too. Minnie was also interested in Elmo when he made his courting noises to Richard; she would fan out her tail and run across the sofa to him, thinking that Elmo was cooing to her. After seeing all this I knew that although Minnie loves to be with people, she would also love to have a pigeon partner (just like Dora).


The broken wing female

I knew of someone who is looking for female pigeons for her aviary to pair up with some of her mateless male pigeons, and so yesterday Richard and I collected Minnie and another female pigeon (that has a broken wing and therefore cannot be released) from my work and took them to their new home.

We put Minnie and the female into the aviary and the male pigeons there immediately took an interest in them. There was an initial uncertainty but both the broken wing female and Minnie didn’t seem distressed by the attentions of the male pigeons. We would have stayed longer to see who Minnie took a liking to but the heavens opened up and we had to run back to the car before we got soaking wet.

I’ll keep you updated on how Minnie is settling in and who she’s paired up with!


Minnie hanging onto the bars, unsure about the big male next to her.