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Living with pigeons is amazing. The love and affection they show us is incredible and I truly believe that every child should grow up with pigeons to care for. You can learn so much from observing them. Pigeons are intelligent, comical, beautiful, loyal, and of course loving. I couldn’t imagine how my childhood would have been if I had been deprived of learning to care for animals or watching pigeons in the city. Animals brighten my day and those short times when I didn’t have a pet, I knew I was missing something special.

Although I never ever thought as a child that I’d end up with pigeons in the house. Dogs, rats, gerbils and guinea-pigs? Yes! But pigeons? Never even crossed my mind. :)

Nowadays you’ll often find me on the sofa with a pigeon by my side. Sorry, with a pigeon on me. Whenever I’m on the sofa Georgie will leap onto my lap, demanding to nestle down. Once settled she is the most content little pigeon in the world, all relaxed, safe and comfy. Elmo will usually be in his nest, twitching his wings and cooing softly to call me over. If I look at him he’ll go into spasms of excitment (i.e. the wing twitching goes up a notch and his coos increase in volume!) as he anticipates my hand coming over to stroke him. What a darling!

Having said all of this, there are days my pigeons drive me mad with their attention-seeking and demands. Take today, for instance. Georgie insists on sitting on my lap for cuddles despite me obviously being busy with my knitting. Georgie grabs hold of the needles and shakes them about, which of course makes it difficult for me to continue. If she’s quick enough she may even pull them out of the knitting, leaving me with open stitches just itching to unravel!! Infuriating… and yet, so cute. Even when I’m screaming in my head, I give Georgie a kiss and a cuddle and tell her how cute she is. Georgie is of course oblivious to my frustration. She simply accepts my affection and settles down for a nap. If I need to get up for any reason, I have to carry her with me.

Elmo is much the same – very needy! He likes to find places to attract me over to (e.g. Georgie’s nest) by cooing loudly and he won’t be quiet unless he falls asleep. … Which he usually does since I think he’s a bit narcoleptic. So I know that any cooing episodes from Elmo will be short-lived. Not so with Georgie. She can coo and coo forever!!

There are some traits in Elmo that make me giggle. When he’s nodding off he’ll usually open one of his eyes slightly to see if I’m still sitting near him. If I give him the smallest, almost imperceptible nod he’ll immedately start twitching and nod his head back. Sweetheart!

The other is that Elmo can be quite fickle. One minute he’ll be attacking my fingers – peck, peck, die, die – then he’ll notice something he likes and run away to court it. Then he’ll give me his “I’m interested in you” coo and start to court my hand. When I hear him cooing in his “I’m interested in you” voice in another room I know he’s found a sock or shoe (or other item on the floor) that’s perked his interest and that he’ll be puffing out his chest and dancing to the inanimate object with gusto.

I love my pigeons!! :D

I’ve made it back home from my holiday, safe and sound. Needless to say, Georgie girl is now very happy. Richard took her out of her cage and she perched on his hand while I let her know I was there. I could see her cock her head to one side a bit and stretch out as if to determine that it was really me in front of her! Then as I held her in my hands she started cooing and snuggling into me, I couldn’t put her down; she was too excited in nesting on my lap!

Elmo was very excited too. He ran about cooing and bowing as he does, then he sang to me on the sofa, prancing about my outstretched hand as I tried to stroke him.

Today, as I spend the last free day with them, they would not leave me alone. Elmo and Georgie have been calling to me constantly and I’ve had to give them both attention and cuddles at the same time while keeping them separate so they don’t fight. I guess this means Elmo did miss me after all. :D

Of course Georgie was jealous whenever I gave Elmo any kisses and cuddles (she always makes a bee-line to us when she hears me giving him any attention) and now she’s a bit touchy with me, pecking me every now and then as if to let me know she doesn’t approve of my “cheating”.

I’ve missed my pigeons a lot and am glad to be home with them. Here are the two rascals together, vying for my affections:


Georgie (left) and Elmo (right)

Georgie still isn’t talking to me (she’s on her “eggs”) and Elmo thinks I’m the perfect person to practice his latest karate moves and pecks. I have a very long scar on my hand from his kicks!

So I’ve been getting all the hugs and cuddles I can from the pigeons at work. :)

Dora was actually nice to me today – I managed to get a cuddle from her without being pecked to bits. She was obviously not feeling territorial nor possessive over her nest and mate. It’s nice for a change.

I spent a little time in the pigeon aviary at work with the fancy, tame and disabled pigeons. I love watching all the “pigeon politics” that go on.

There’s nothing quite as peaceful and serene as being amongst pigeons. I simply love it.

Returned home early today and Elmo was besides himself with joy. I couldn’t believe it – he was inviting me over for cuddles!! Is this the same pigeon? What’s happened to Elmo? :)

Seeing as he was in such a generous mood, I had to take him up on his offer. So instead of doing all the housework like I was psyching myself up to doing, I cuddled with Elmo for most of the afternoon. I could see that he was in bliss. And you know what? So was I! :)

(Of course, this is not the first time he’s been kind to me, for example: Holiday welcome.)

Georgie is busy incubating her egg. I’m expecting the second to appear today but so far nothing. Hmmm. Wonder what’s taking so long? (I’ll be replacing her infertile eggs with fake ones soon.)

At the moment Georgie wants nothing to do with me or Richard. She’s defensive and very sensitive. We have to leave her alone in her cage on her nest. Every now and then she’ll get up for a stretch, which is when I let her out of her cage and she does a massive poo (which she’s been saving up while she incubates) and then wants to go back to sitting on her egg. What dedication!

George has been twitching and cooing to me, as well as nibbling and preening me, ever so intently. She feels heavier too – as if she’s got eggs in her. She’s being very sweet and is constantly seeking out my attention. Dora used to do this too. She’d fly from one room to another – following my every move. When I’d cook Dora would peer over the top of the kitchen cabinet at my attempts at brewing up something nice. I got very worried she’d poo in my food or throw feathers and feather dust into the pot. (Sometimes I’d threaten to throw her in the pot if she didn’t behave… but I think Dora knew I’m a vegetarian so she’d call my bluff!). I had to keep Dora in her cage whenever I cooked, something she was not happy about. So I’m very happy she’s so loved up with her pigeon mate. She hardly says hello to me nowadays – only to demand treats.


Dora on my leg


Coming over to say hello.

Of course Georgie has to contradict me. Last week I mentioned that Georgie isn’t a morning person and is very cranky with me – often not wanting any cuddles before I go to work. However, this morning she was as sweet and gracious as she can be. As I was eating my breakfast she softly cooed to me, twitching her wings, and sung her song of contentment on my lap. With one hand wrapped around her body she eased into my fingers, her soft feathers and warmth melting into the palm of my hand. It is moments like these that make going off to work even harder.




Richard likes to play a little game with Elmo: The Running Game. He’ll run away from Elmo and Elmo will run after him. When Elmo has caught up with Richard, he’ll turn around and chase Elmo, who quickly legs it across the living room away from Richard. Then Richard will run away with Elmo hot on his heels. It’s so funny!!

When Elmo runs he holds his wings out slightly (for balance). He has a slight limp and it is more visible when he runs. I find it all very adorable.

When Richard played the Running Game yesterday, Elmo was so eager to get to him that he started flapping as he ran and then actually flew after Richard!! Since Elmo doesn’t really fly very well – he can hover for a bit and do a somersault but cannot really fly forward intentionally – this was a very big surprise for us. We couldn’t stop laughing. Elmo had flown after Richard, did a bit of a “loop de loop”, then landed on Richard’s hand – cooing and bowing his head like mad as if to say, “Finally, I’ve caught you. Now will you stop running away from me and give me a cuddle!” We were in stitches.

Here is the cute boy all cuddled up and happy:


And as we all know, Elmo is such a curious thing and has to be in on the action and centre of attention (just see: Photo shoot and Elmo boy photos) that he hopped into Richard’s tool box while he was busy sorting it out:


Now, we mustn’t forget about Georgie! She’s been a very good girl and hasn’t been up to much lately, which is why I sometimes find it hard to write about her (see: Secret George). So I’m simply going to share with you a lovely photo of her out in the garden with her bright blue harness on:


Due to car problems we arrived home 3 hours late after work (normally we get home in less than half an hour). As you can imagine, we are fed up and tired, however, I couldn’t help thinking about poor Georgie and Elmo who were waiting patiently for us to come home.

When we finally got home Elmo and Georgie had already put themselves to bed – seeing as the sun was setting and the flat was getting dark. However, as soon as Elmo woke up and saw us he ran about in excitement – wings slightly out and tail slightly fanned! Georgie took a moment to warm up (she is a grumpy girl in the evening) but was quick to snuggle up to me under my chin as I kissed her hello.

I hate coming home late because I know that our pigeons are waiting for us, and since they have been alone for most of the day I hate to make them wait any longer than is needed.

… I’m quite tired so I’ll stop here – you’ll find me cuddling up to Georgie with a nice cup of hot chocolate! – and Georgie won’t get any!! She’s been chocolate-free all year! :)

Internet problem solved. Hooray! So now I can upload photos and videos of pigeons. However, before that, just want to let you know that last night I heard something knock over the seed containers in the garden so I turned off the lights and carefully peered through the curtains into the garden and after my eyes adjusted to the dark I saw a big black and white creature sniffing about. I couldn’t believe it, we had a badger in the garden!! We had suspected them since something had been digging little holes in the garden, however, I didn’t want to get my hopes up until I saw it with my own eyes, and last night I got full proof! I adore badgers (badger cubs smell like biscuits!) so I’m very happy to see my first badger in the wild, if you can call our garden ‘the wild’. :)

So in total, the wildlife observed in our garden are: woodpigeons, feral pigeons, magpies, robins, blue tits, great tits, long-tailed tits, coal tits, dunnocks, blackbirds, songthrushes, redwings, blackcaps, bullfinches, greenfinches, jays, chaffinches, foxes, squirrels, rats and badgers.

We’re planning to buy a nightvision motion sensor wildlife camera to record all the comings and goings in our garden at night. It will be interesting viewing!

Ok, back to pigeon business.

Yesterday I reported how Georgie was getting annoyed with me because of the flash going off when I was taking photos of her. Here’s a video of her attacking my foot (although by this time she was a bit tired so her attacking is a bit half-hearted to be honest).

Georgie loves to attack our feet when we are wearing socks, the fluffier the better. Soon after taking the video I cuddled her for a long time to calm her down but she was still a bit angry with me over the flash. Silly girl.

And here’s how Richard spends his evenings. There’s no better way! :)


Cuddle time!