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I am sad to announce that Elmo and the plastic cup are breaking up. Elmo’s romance with the green plastic cup started in April of this year and he’s been courting it with great vigour, however, today something else caught Elmo’s eye and he couldn’t resist flirting with it. The green cup was not pleased when it discovered Elmo’s infidelity and quickly ended things with him.

So what could have possibly drawn Elmo away from his beloved cup? Only the round shape and brown tones of an onion!!


I was preparing to peel an onion when I noticed Elmo looking intently at it. I placed the onion on the kitchen floor and immediatly Elmo pranced over to it and began his courtship dance. I could only shake my head in disbelief. It seems that Elmo will court anything except another pigeon! Silly boy!

More about Elmo and his romance with the lime green plastic cup. As some might have read (in More garden tales), one day when we were in the garden we captured Elmo courting a plastic cup that we use to fill up the bird feeders. Here’s the video again for your amusement:

Then I wrote that I thought maybe he has bad eyesight and has mistaken the cup for a brightly coloured pigeon (in About…).

Well, yesterday Richard brought the cup indoors and sure enough, Elmo started prancing and dancing to it, much to our amusement. Later that evening Richard put the cup in Elmo’s nest and when we had a look to see what Elmo was doing we saw this:


Too funny! :D

I think I’ll be reporting a lot about Elmo and his cup romance since he continuously catches us by surprise with his silly antics.

Elmo: I had a thought the other day about Elmo and his funny courting behaviour (see More garden tales). Maybe it is all down to him having bad eyesight?! Maybe Elmo thinks he’s courting a pigeon when he sees the cup (a very brightly coloured pigeon!)? Anything’s possible!

Georgie: Here’s her new hairdo after a shower. I think it is very smart!


Dora: I shot some video footage of Dora and the pigeons when I took them their lunch (consisting of seed, peanuts and brioche). There was a feeding frenzy – all I could see was their bums in the air! Dora is the speckled one nearest to the camera. She and her mate, Pidge, love any soft and sweet bread or pastry – possibly because they are feeding their young and like any fatty foods. You can see their two baby squeakers under the hutch. Sweethearts.

P1020059So we dragged our pigeons into the garden again because it was such a lovely day today (hooray for sun!). The feral pigeon flock came down again to eat while we were there. It was quite funny really because one minute there weren’t any pigeons about and the next minute Richard alerted me to their presence on top of our roof – staring down at us like something out of Hitchcock’s The Birds. Scary! :D

Georgie was in a happy mood and doing an unusual thing she does when she’s in nesting mode: she kept picking up leaves and twigs but was unable to put them down. Weird. It is as if she forgets that if she simply opens her beak the item will fall out. Instead she shakes her head and scratches at the item to make it come out of her beak. It’s as if she really doesn’t want it there, however, as soon as the item falls out she will go looking for another leaf or twig to pick up and carry for a bit before she wants it out. What a funny girl!

I captured one of the moments on video:

This has happened before but we cannot figure out why she does this since George knows how to line her nest with shredded tissue. Sometimes she carries seed to her nest and puts it around her eggs. I’m constantly amazed at her behaviour and character. Georgie is really a very sweet girl and I could watch her all day.

And then there’s Elmo and his weird behaviour. Check him out trying to woo a plastic cup in our garden:

Although Elmo is utterly devoted to my husband we have caught him wooing socks, shoes and bottles before. Not sure what he sees in these items but he certainly makes a song and a dance about them. And who knows what the feral pigeons were thinking when they saw Elmo courting a plastic cup. Probably thought he’s a bit confused! :)


Georgie with a twig


And now a leaf