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Georgie girl is bonded to me and she gets hormonal and broody often. If she’s in one of those moods and I pat her back she thinks she’s getting lucky and dances about in appreciation. Silly girl!

Here she is in mating mode:

I heard Elmo cooing and dancing in the kitchen so I went to investigate with my camera and Elmo promptly directed his energy to me:

  1. the way they dance,
  2. the way they coo,
  3. the softness of their feathers,
  4. their smell,
  5. their amazing feet (the scales and delicate nails),
  6. the beautiful colours they come in,
  7. their loving nature,
  8. their feistiness,
  9. the way they enjoy bathing and sunbathing,
  10. and their amazing resilient character.

There are so many more reasons and things we love about pigeons, and I’m sure I’ll be adding another list later.

What about you? What do you love about pigeons?

More about Elmo and his romance with the lime green plastic cup. As some might have read (in More garden tales), one day when we were in the garden we captured Elmo courting a plastic cup that we use to fill up the bird feeders. Here’s the video again for your amusement:

Then I wrote that I thought maybe he has bad eyesight and has mistaken the cup for a brightly coloured pigeon (in About…).

Well, yesterday Richard brought the cup indoors and sure enough, Elmo started prancing and dancing to it, much to our amusement. Later that evening Richard put the cup in Elmo’s nest and when we had a look to see what Elmo was doing we saw this:


Too funny! :D

I think I’ll be reporting a lot about Elmo and his cup romance since he continuously catches us by surprise with his silly antics.

After a long hard day at work Richard and I come home hoping to just sit back and relax for the evening. What are we met with upon our arrival? Only just the most excitable pigeon ever who’s been treading through his own droppings and making a right mess. Dear Elmo boy. He’s discovered the window ledge and spends most of his time there looking out into the garden at the feral pigeons, woodpigeons, squirrels, blackbirds and robins that visit the bird feeder. Unfortunately he doesn’t always poo over the side so he ends up walking through his droppings and staining his feet and the ledge. We’ll need to look into covering it with cloth to prevent him making such a mess.

So after cleaning Elmo’s mess (and trying to catch him to clean his feet before he walks through the entire flat) we are greeted by Georgie’s messy cage. Some days it is quite clean but other times she’s decided to redecorate with water and shredded newspaper (I applaud her efforts but ultimately have to tell her that it’s a tad bit outdated). Georgie is always equally happy to see us. She leaps at the bars and as soon as I pick her up she cooes and dances on the palm of my hand. Sweet.

The only other animal I’ve had that has shown the same amount of pleasure and excitement in seeing me when I come home has been my cairn terrier, Nyytti (which means ‘bundle’ in Finnish). She would go bananas and wiggle about in greeting, howling with all her might. Thinking about her makes me sad (since she died four years ago) but also content in knowing how much we loved each other and showed each other this daily. How lovely it is to be able to do that without any misunderstandings, hesitations or uncertainty!

Human beings are very complicated and miscommunication is all too common. With my dog it was very easy and simple: “I love you, Nyytti, and I let you know this by caring for you properly, by giving you affection, by understanding what you need when you need it, and by accepting your faults. And you love me and let me know this by giving me your affections, your desire to be with me, your instincts for knowing my emotions and how to react, and ultimately accepting my faults.” I like to think that Richard and I have this sort of understanding. Naive or just plain animal love? :)

I guess dogs wear their hearts on their sleeves, and I think pigeons do too. Elmo and George show us that they are happy we are home and that they love us and we do the same. Nothing beats that excited joyous greeting when you come home, be it from a dog or a pigeon. And with any luck you may receive such a greeting from another human being.

Elmo is still very angry about everything. Ever since we brought Minnie home with us he’s been acting like he should be the only pigeon in the flat. Well, Minnie is now living in an aviary with other pigeons and receiving lots of cuddles from her new mum, however, Elmo has transfered his angry emotions to Georgie and started attacking her, which annoys us to no end.

We are gently trying to teach Elmo that he isn’t allowed to attack Georgie. If he does, he is promptly removed from the sofa (where he likes to attack her) and put on the floor. After a while he seems to understand that he’s not allowed on the sofa if he’s going to go for Georgie. If he’s sitting there nicely and leaving her alone, then we leave him be.

It might take a long time but I think we’ll eventually get back to normal. Georgie doesn’t seem too upset about it, which is good. She’s just interested in cuddling up to me nowadays (methinks it’s egg laying time soon. Uh oh!).

I’ve been trying to take some video of Georgie when she dances for me but I always ruin it by speaking in ‘baby talk’. When will I learn that talking like that doesn’t sound right when others view it! :D

There’s a few things I think humans could learn from feral pigeons.

Lesson number 1: Till death do us part. Now I know a lot of people find this an unrealistic or even an unnatural state to be in but if other animals such as pigeons can do it, so can we. I find the prospect of sharing my life with someone exciting, romantic, challenging, yet ultimately rewarding. Of course it’s not for everyone but monogamy has numerous benefits that in my eyes outweighs any negatives.

If you observe how lovingly pigeons pair up and raise their young your heart will melt. Pigeons are so affectionate to each other. They kiss and feed one another, as well as preen each other gently around the head (where a pigeon cannot preen itself – only scratch). In my eyes this shows that a pigeon understands how pleasant it feels to have their head preened and that they want to give their partner the same kind of pleasure. How lovely of them!

Lesson number 2: If at you first don’t succeed, try again. Ever seen a single male pigeon dance and coo to a female pigeon? Of course you have! It’s one of the most common pigeon sight you can see. This is generally how the scene goes: female pigeon is busy looking for food or eating whilst lonely (and horny) male pigeon struts his stuff around her. Female pigeon ignores male and male continues to dance to her. Female pigeon flies away and male pigeon follows.

The male pigeon doesn’t give up. He knows he’s worth it! He’s a big, handsome, healthy pigeon ready to share his life with a lovely female and nothing is going to stop him from attaining his goal. The cold shoulder the female gives him only spurs him on to dance and coo even more. Eventually she’ll see how wonderful he is and let him court her some more until she finally admits that she’s always fancied him.

Us humans should be the same – have a goal and don’t stop till you attain it. I applaud those who follow their dream.

Lesson number 3: Enjoy the simple things in life. When I see Georgie or Elmo enjoying the sun, a bath or a cuddle from us, I think that life would be so much simpler if people just stopped and appreciated the natural world around them and the little things it gives us. Spend an afternoon or the weekend sitting in the sun with a loved one, relaxing and simply living in the moment. Both George and Elmo are so content with just being near Richard and I. They want nothing more than our company.

Today I saw about 7 feral pigeons in and around the rim of a water bowl, all sharing and relishing the water. They looked so happy in their little group. It made me want to swim in a lake again. … Aah, the simple joys in life! :D

Elmo can see me through the window. I haven’t noticed him yet as I check our bird feeder in the garden but when I glance over to our bedroom window I can see him already in full swing into his pigeon dance. He’s prancing about the bed, bobbing his head and cooing like mad (although I cannot hear a thing through our wonderfully double-glazed windows). He hasn’t realised yet that I’m wearing my warm woollen hat since there’s sleet raining down and the air is cold. In a minute though he’ll see it and stop dancing and start shaking like a leaf, as if I’ve just turned into a big dragon coming to eat him.

Elmo doesn’t like hats. No idea why, but he’s scared senseless of them, even if Richard is wearing one. And Elmo LOVES Richard. Why should a simple hat transform the love of his life? But it does and Elmo will run a mile if anyone is wearing a hat (I could understand it if the hats stick up and are funny shaped but he’s scared of simple beanie type hats too. Weird).

Anyway, I digress. So, I take off my hat and bob my head up and down, shaking my shoulders at Elmo. This gets him even more excited and he’s jumping on the bedside table and back onto the bed, fanning his tail out and cooing. I quickly top up the empty bird feeders with seed, then go open the door to our flat. I can now hear Elmo cooing. He’s probably on the bedside table now waiting for the bedroom door to open. I can also hear Georgie flapping about in her cage. She’s heard me coming in and is eager to come out.

After dumping my coat, shoes, bag, etc., I open the bedroom door and the cooing stops. I peer into the room and I see Elmo stretching his neck forward to see who it is from the bedside table. So sweet! He immediately begins his cooing and his excited dance, showing me how happy he is to have me there. This is the one time that Elmo will like me, when I come home from work. And it is hard not to love him even more when he’s strutting his stuff and telling you he’s so happy to see you.

Georgie is no different. I take her out of her cage and put her on the sofa and she starts twirling around, cooing madly. She’ll follow me around now and demand to sit on my lap, but I must prepare dinner and check my emails and write this blog. I can hear both Elmo and Georgie calling me now, wanting attention and cuddles. Richard isn’t home from work yet but they’ll both start their mad dance again when he gets here. Who could ask for more after a long hard day at work?