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Returned home early today and Elmo was besides himself with joy. I couldn’t believe it – he was inviting me over for cuddles!! Is this the same pigeon? What’s happened to Elmo? :)

Seeing as he was in such a generous mood, I had to take him up on his offer. So instead of doing all the housework like I was psyching myself up to doing, I cuddled with Elmo for most of the afternoon. I could see that he was in bliss. And you know what? So was I! :)

(Of course, this is not the first time he’s been kind to me, for example: Holiday welcome.)

Georgie is busy incubating her egg. I’m expecting the second to appear today but so far nothing. Hmmm. Wonder what’s taking so long? (I’ll be replacing her infertile eggs with fake ones soon.)

At the moment Georgie wants nothing to do with me or Richard. She’s defensive and very sensitive. We have to leave her alone in her cage on her nest. Every now and then she’ll get up for a stretch, which is when I let her out of her cage and she does a massive poo (which she’s been saving up while she incubates) and then wants to go back to sitting on her egg. What dedication!