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Richard has come up with some designs and slogans to add onto shirts, mugs, aprons, bumper stickers, etc., to help you lovely people show your support and love of pigeons.

Please check out our shop at http://pigeonsaspets.spreadshirt.co.uk/ and shop to your hearts content! :)

As you might have noticed there is a new box in the right-hand column of our website which displays our merchandise.

Richard will be creating some more designs later, but here are a few examples of what he has done so far:





The new pigeon aviary at my work has been completed and I moved the resident tame and disabled pigeons into it with much excitement and joy! It is a much larger and spacious aviary for them and has better designed perches and nesting areas (not that we want to encourage them to nest but it is such an ingrained behaviour that you cannot prevent. We just have to keep taking away their eggs and replacing them with fake ones). I’ve ordered a nest bowl to try out in the aviary (it hasn’t arrived yet though) and if it helps with them feeling settled I’ll order some more for all the pigeon pairs.

I have to add a bit of furnishing inside such as logs, ladders (so that the disabled pigeons can get to some of the perches), a bathing water dish and small hutches for the non-flighted pigeons to nest in. I want the flighted pigeons to first establish their nesting area in the designated spots before puting in hutches for the non-flighted pairs. If I put in the hutches now the flighted pigeons might try to use them instead (which they will), which defeats the purpose of having nesting spots high up.

Here’s what the aviary looks like:


This photo was taken before the pigeons were moved in which is why it looks bare.

There are two nesting ledges on either end of the aviary. There are four rectangular perches, two high up and two lower down. Either end of the aviary is covered for shelter. The middle section is open to allow sun and rain in. The wood piece on the ground in the photo is going to be a tray where the food is placed (in containers) to prevent seed from falling to the ground (which will attract rats). The aviary is double-wired throughout (top and bottom too) to prevent birds of prey from getting to the pigeons and to keep out rats and mice.


The dividers on the nesting ledge aren't in place yet in this photo.


Pidge and Dora (left) claiming their nest area, with Fleur and Marmalade next door.


Gorgeous Dora!

I could spend all day in the aviary. It is very relaxing to watch the pigeons fly about and court each other. One day I hope for a similar aviary for our home.

Well, I’ve finally finished the new website design and incorporated it into WordPress. I do hope you all like it.

Firstly, although our site has been tested for Internet Explorer, it has been designed for Firefox, so if you are using Internet Explorer you won’t see a lot of the design elements I’ve included.

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I hope no-one has any troubles. There are still a few things I’d like to tweek and get right, but that’s a never ending task.

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