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I’ve already mentioned that Georgie doesn’t like the light in a camera in the short post Likes and dislikes. I just want to elaborate on this.

Georgie likes to pose in very cute and adorable poses and I often want to photograph her, however, as soon as I press the camera ‘photo taking button’ (whatever it’s called) the little red light goes on as the camera focuses and Georgie sees this and is immediately on the defense! Sometimes she doesn’t notice the red light and I can get the photo, however, if the flash goes off she is very angry/scared and puffs her feathers out.

Here’s an example:


Georgie relaxed on her eggs


Georgie all puffed up after camera flash went off.

All this makes photo taking very difficult because often Georgie moves into a defensive pose before I can get the cute desired photo. Camera shy maybe?

Georgie likes: Revati (a.k.a. mummy), popcorn, peanuts, hot chocolate, brioche, cuddles, being sung to, baths and sunbathing.

Georgie dislikes: torches, camera light and socks on feet.

Elmo likes: Richard (a.k.a. daddy), popcorn, peanuts, cuddles, fluffy socks, shoelaces, baths, grass, earth, the colour green, cooked rice, and men.

Elmo dislikes: Georgie, hats, towels on head, pens, feathers and women in general.