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It seems that Georgie has forgiven me for not pulling my weight with the incubation because she’s spending some time with me instead of sitting all evening on her infertile egg. I think she’s had enough and tomorrow I might remove the egg. But first I’ll have to see what sort of mood she’s in.

And it may be that we have a racist pigeon on our hands. Uh oh. Elmo hated the black shirt that Richard put on (he ran away, shaking with fear and outrage), but when Richard changed into a white shirt Elmo was happy! Hmmm….. OK, so I might be overreacting here. The alternative: Could Elmo possibly be letting Richard know, in his over-dramatic way, that he didn’t look good in the black shirt? The white shirt could very well have looked better on Richard in Elmo’s eyes!

Maybe we’ve got a fashion-conscious pigeon instead? After all, if you’ll allow me to stereotype here, Elmo is gay!