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George had another trip to the vets because of the ulcer on her eye (read: August news – part 1). The white dot seemed to grow into a lump on her eye and I could see it bothered Georgie a lot. Poor girl!



Thankfully, the white thing fell off her eye and she’s no longer got any irritation there. We had her checked by the vet, thinking that we’d get the all clear, however, the ulcer is still there and we were given some different eye drops to see if that would help clear it all up. Georgie was also prescribed antibiotics.

On top of the eye problem, poor Georgie seems to have injured her right leg somehow and it’s at an odd angle. She’s still weight bearing on it but she does have a more pronounced limp now. The vet said they could x-ray the leg to see what’s going on, but that’s something I’m not too keen on because of the risk of anaesthetic in birds. The vet we go to is an avian and exotic veterinary surgery and are very good at what they do, however, I’m still a bit hesitant about having Georgie x-rayed. So Georgie has some pain relief and anti-inflammatory medication to help with any nerve damage in the leg (from her egg laying. Georgie does get temporary paralysis sometimes when she lays eggs). My husband and I will have to weigh up the pros and cons of having Georgie x-rayed and come to a decision soon.

Georgie is her usual self, eating and drinking as normal, not depressed or acting in pain, so at least I know she’s not too upset about all her health issues. I know birds hide their pain and illness very well, and Georgie is cooing and sitting on my lap behaving as if she hasn’t got anything wrong with her. I don’t know if it’s all the medication she’s on or if she’s just a very good actress. I am certainly keeping a close eye on her to ensure she’s not getting any worst.

I took some photos of her right leg but I don’t think they came out very well. You may not see the problem. I know you will all wish Georgie a speedy recovery and good health, and I will certainly keep you updated on what’s happening.

Poor Georgie had to endure a trip to the vet because of an eye problem. We noticed that she was keeping her right eye closed and that it looked quite red and irritated. I at first thought she had a feather or something else stuck in it, but after a gentle look I couldn’t see anything. Then I noticed that there was a opaque white dot on her eye, which wasn’t there before. Now, Georgie’s eyes are normally cloudy due to the scarring, but the white mark was a new development.


Georgie's right eye - with white dot in it.

The vet put some yellow drops in Georgie’s eye to determine if it was what she suspected, an ulcer – and it was. So some eye drops were prescribed for me to put in Georgie’s eye (which Georgie isn’t too happy about). I also asked the vet if there was anything I could give her for car sickness, and she’s given me some medication as a trial to see if it helps. I sure hope it does since Georgie will soon have a long car journey ahead of her (more on this later).


Georgie's left eye

In other news, Elmo is still trying to go under the sofa. It’s his new favourite spot!




He keeps “crawling” under and falling asleep. Maybe he feels safe under there? Or perhaps there’s some treats that have rolled under which he’s trying to get to? :) The other day he was almost completely under the sofa! I sadly didn’t get the opportunity to take a photo of it before he made his way out again. Elmo sure is a silly boy! He’s always doing something new to surprise me.

Two days ago I posted Goddess of the Sun in which I wrote about Georgie being out in the garden, having a good time soaking up the rays of the sun. Well, after I had posted that I noticed that Georgie was closing her left eye a lot. We checked her eye to see if she had anything stuck in it but we found nothing. Instead we noticed that her eye looked very dry. Her right eye was normal looking.

Georgie’s left eye is the one that is quite cloudy, as seen in this photo:


All day on Sunday Georgie kept closing her eye and first thing Monday I got some eye drops for her, which we applied (too early to say if it has helped).

I think that maybe her day out in the sun caused her eye to dry up so when I take her out next time I’ll put a drop on her eye and see if that helps. If it doesn’t then a trip to the vet will be in order.

When things like this happen I feel very sorry for George because she cannot tell me in words what’s wrong. She relies on us to take care of her and understand what she needs, and when she’s having a bad day or has health problems it can be hard to interpret her needs. It can be hard to do the right thing because on the one hand you don’t want to over-react and take your animal to the vet for tests and injections, but on the other hand, if you are slow to react you can make things worst. I guess all you can do is trust your instincts to know what action to take in bad situations.

When Georgie became eggbound last year (Georgie eggbound) it was tough to sit back and wait for her to respond to the treatment she had to help her expel the egg. Although I had sought veterinary advice and done what was needed, I still felt very powerless and as if I hadn’t done enough to help her. I now can see that we had done everything right in helping her in that situation, which gives me confidence to respond if it ever happens again, but I think there’ll always a part of me that fears the worst.

Ok, gotta stop this train of thought now.

I love my pigeon and my pigeon loves me! :)

Georgie baby

Nov 2007

The above photo is of Georgie when she first arrived at a wildlife rescue centre in November 2007. Her right eye is very cloudy.

The next photo is of Georgie in September 2009. Notice how clear her right eye is.


Sept 2009

This is very strange and I’ll be taking her to an avian vet to get a proper diagnosis of her condition. Her left eye is now slightly less cloudy than it was when we first got her.