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I find this poster interesting:

pigeon color morphs

It comes from Project PigeonWatch: http://www.birds.cornell.edu/pigeonwatch

I would really love a book with photos of all the pigeon breeds and colours in the world. I’m sure that would be a very big book. While I don’t really agree with some of the fancy pigeon breeds (based on animal welfare views. I mean, some pigeons can barely walk properly or even feed their own babies!) I think there are some amazing shapes and colours out there.

The best colours are on pigeons that have a mixed background (the pied pigeons), then you get pigeons with patches of different colour on them. I tend to lean towards white pigeons with brown and grey patches on them. Very pretty. We have one that comes to our garden to raid the bird feeder and he/she is gorgeous. Other striking pigeons are really dark grey, almost black ones with a few white wing feathers.

At my workplace they have two chocolate brown archangel pigeons and they really attract peoples attention. :)

Today has been one of those lovely Saturdays we always wish for.

It began at 7.30am with Elmo cooing softly on the bedside table. He had been awake for a while since it was light outside and started cooing when he saw Richard move in the bed. I decided that it was a bit too early to get up, being Saturday and all, so dozed off to wake up an hour later quite relaxed and rested.

Elmo greeted us as usual and when we didn’t pay enough attention to him he jumped onto our pillows by our heads and cooed. As soon as we opened the bedroom door we heard Georgie leap from her perch in her cage. She was eager to get out and greet us too.

The day was a cold one but sunny and clear. George came to the bed too and we put her in a sunny spot. She settled down and sunbathed in all her beauty, yawning every minute or so (why do pigeons yawn in the sun?).

After a lazy morning Richard and I went to my work to collect three fancy pigeons to deliver them to their new home. Although I don’t know the circumstances of their capture, the three pigeons cannot be released in the ‘wild’ since they are of a fancy breed and wouldn’t do well in the ‘wild’. I tried finding out what breed the pigeons are, however, after searching the net I only found out that one is a Lahore. Anyone know what the other two are? (See photos below.)

After a quick shop and lunch in town we returned home to clean and refill the bird feeders in our garden (with three pigeons watching our every move from the neighbouring house and a robin watching us from the hedge). Elmo came out with us for a walk in the grass – an activity he loves.

We then settled onto the sofa to watch a Disney movie (my favourite type! :) ). Georgie stood by my head on the backrest, pecking the side of my face and ear gently, and Elmo fell asleep by our side. It was so perfect and peaceful. Pigeons, sun and no worries. :)