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I received a lovely gift from a friend: a pair of owl socks!


Owl socks


Owl socks

Aren’t they adorable?

Elmo disagrees. He’s taken a serious dislike to the owl socks and will not leave them alone when I wear them.

As you probably noticed, at one point (40 seconds in) Elmo notices the camera and begins flirting with it. He’s so fickle! :)

But back to being attacked: It’s become so annoying that I now cannot wear the socks at home. :( Elmo will follow me about in his drive to peck the socks – it makes life very difficult when you’re trying to walk with a pigeon attached to your toes.

On a light note, Elmo makes an impression on my favourite snuggle fleece:


Pigeon footprints

Only have time for a short post today (lots of housework to do).

Here’s an interesting website about pigeon ‘footprints’ on pavement: http://pigeontracks.wordpress.com/