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Pigeon people can be so ridiculous sometimes. Well, at least in this household.

I’ve noticed a few silly things we do that have seeped into our normal behaviour. One is that whenever Georgie raises her wings in the air we do the same. Here’s what I wrote about it in 2010:

“…Georgie has an odd behaviour when she’s broody. Occasionally, and quite suddenly, she’ll lift both wings straight up a couple of times. She doesn’t take off or get up for a stretch, she simply raises her wings then settles back. Not sure what that’s about, but everytime she does both Richard and I raise our arms in response. It’s become a little game of ours. We’ve even done it when we’ve had guests over. … I know, we’re weird pigeon people.” (from Georgie eggbound)

Another thing we do is shout “Pigeon!!” whenever we see one on TV (e.g. in an advert or movie). I guess we should develop this into a drinking game. :D

And then there’s The Running Game! Elmo loves to chase things and will run after Richard if he runs away – it’s a fun little game they play sometimes.

On a totally different subject, here’s Georgie girl falling asleep on the sofa. She’s sitting down in a funny position and I managed to take a photo without disturbing her.


Georgie taking a nap

Pigeons are very curious. They see something out of place and after the inital “what in the world is that?” reaction, they have to go over to investigate the new object.

We were sorting out some old things in the house, packing them away to sell, and Elmo had to see what all the mess was about. Elmo’s getting really good with his flying, much better coordination and control than when he first came to us. He still cannot fly properly, but he’s able to launch himself onto objects at a greater height than before.

So here’s our boy in his “What you got going on over there?” curiosity:





And Elmo’s not the only one who thinks boxes are fun! :D


Elmo and Georgie have been enjoying the fact that I’ve been at home during the week. They think it’s the best! More time with mummy! :)

With all the snow out there we’ve been watching the feral and wood pigeons jumping about in the snow trying to stay on top – but they keep sinking into it. Poor birdies! Richard had to go out into the garden and flatten a spot for them to eat the seed from. Then the squirrels came round and chased the birds away!

Last year when it snowed I was able to enjoy it (since I didn’t have a cold). We had great fun and here’s what we did around this time last year:


Our garden in Dec 09


Georgie's first snow experience


Elmo in the snow


Stevie, our snowman!


Georgie and I


Elmo's not too sure about the snow


"Get me out of here!"


Curious Elmo


Curious Georgie