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Pigeon people can be so ridiculous sometimes. Well, at least in this household.

I’ve noticed a few silly things we do that have seeped into our normal behaviour. One is that whenever Georgie raises her wings in the air we do the same. Here’s what I wrote about it in 2010:

“…Georgie has an odd behaviour when she’s broody. Occasionally, and quite suddenly, she’ll lift both wings straight up a couple of times. She doesn’t take off or get up for a stretch, she simply raises her wings then settles back. Not sure what that’s about, but everytime she does both Richard and I raise our arms in response. It’s become a little game of ours. We’ve even done it when we’ve had guests over. … I know, we’re weird pigeon people.” (from Georgie eggbound)

Another thing we do is shout “Pigeon!!” whenever we see one on TV (e.g. in an advert or movie). I guess we should develop this into a drinking game. :D

And then there’s The Running Game! Elmo loves to chase things and will run after Richard if he runs away – it’s a fun little game they play sometimes.

On a totally different subject, here’s Georgie girl falling asleep on the sofa. She’s sitting down in a funny position and I managed to take a photo without disturbing her.


Georgie taking a nap

Elmo had another go at Templeton, the soft toy rat! We threw the toy around and Elmo raced after it to kill it. We managed to get the end of the game on video – you can see that Elmo’s getting tired of running after Templeton, but he still manages to attack it. We love Elmo!! :D

Richard likes to play a little game with Elmo: The Running Game. He’ll run away from Elmo and Elmo will run after him. When Elmo has caught up with Richard, he’ll turn around and chase Elmo, who quickly legs it across the living room away from Richard. Then Richard will run away with Elmo hot on his heels. It’s so funny!!

When Elmo runs he holds his wings out slightly (for balance). He has a slight limp and it is more visible when he runs. I find it all very adorable.

When Richard played the Running Game yesterday, Elmo was so eager to get to him that he started flapping as he ran and then actually flew after Richard!! Since Elmo doesn’t really fly very well – he can hover for a bit and do a somersault but cannot really fly forward intentionally – this was a very big surprise for us. We couldn’t stop laughing. Elmo had flown after Richard, did a bit of a “loop de loop”, then landed on Richard’s hand – cooing and bowing his head like mad as if to say, “Finally, I’ve caught you. Now will you stop running away from me and give me a cuddle!” We were in stitches.

Here is the cute boy all cuddled up and happy:


And as we all know, Elmo is such a curious thing and has to be in on the action and centre of attention (just see: Photo shoot and Elmo boy photos) that he hopped into Richard’s tool box while he was busy sorting it out:


Now, we mustn’t forget about Georgie! She’s been a very good girl and hasn’t been up to much lately, which is why I sometimes find it hard to write about her (see: Secret George). So I’m simply going to share with you a lovely photo of her out in the garden with her bright blue harness on:


So last night my hubby and I attempted to play a few games on the old Xbox and lo and behold the pigeons had to be right there interrupting us! First Georgie came over, stood on my lap and viciously attacked the controller in my hand. Thanks girl! Then Elmo hopped over and tried to mate with the controller in my hand. … Silly pigeons!

Here’s my attempt at re-creating of the moment:



We play a game with Elmo called “Where’s your head?”

Sometimes, in his excitement, Elmo’s head disappears when he’s cooing to Richard.

Here’s what I mean:



Sweetness! :D

He has actually tripped over his own head when he’s done this and somersaulted.