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For weeks now we have been trying to capture on camera Elmo doing the Very Big Hop – with no success.

Let me explain what the Very Big Hop is:

Elmo is busy attacking my hands on the sofa. Then he sees Richard’s hand hovering over his nest. Eagerly leaving my hands Elmo walks (with a certain glint in his eyes) over to his nest and does a Very Big Hop with tail fanned out, ending with his head bowed low under his body under Richard’s hand. Ta-da!!

It is the sweetest thing ever to watch! So funny!

But every time we try to set the scene Elmo doesn’t do the Very Big Hop – rather a very small one, which doesn’t have the same flare and character as the Very Big Hop. … Somehow I think Elmo knows what we’re doing and actively sabotages the camera shot.

We’ll just have to keep trying.

Watch this space! :)