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My wife and I like to snuggle up with the pigeons and watch a good movie, and there’s nothing better than a nice bowl of popcorn to tuck into while we watch.

Our pigeons however go absolutely nutty for popcorn! At the smell of the stuff Georgie starts running around franticly pecking the air, and Elmo charges the bowl! To wash it all down Georgie loves nothing more than a nice cup of hot chocolate :)

P.S. As pointed out by commenter Charis, chocolate is indeed toxic to all animals due to the compound ‘Theobromine’. Humans are able to metabolise this compound whereas birds, dogs, cats, etc. can’t. Birds are more susceptible due to their smaller size and faster metabolism.

Georgie is the only one of our birds who likes hot chocolate, as it’s primarily milk and a small amount of cocoa we felt this would be ok in very small doses (a couple of sips once every 2 or so months). Really not such a good idea though.

P.P.S. We are happy to announce that Georgie is no longer having any hot chocolate as we don’t want to take any risks concerning her health.