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After looking at some wonderful photos and videos of multi-species households online, I thought about our own multi-species family. We never meant to adopt pigeons – it just kind of happened – and we certainly never thought we’d adopt a cat (pigeons + cats = chaos?). … Well, in this case, the cat adopted us first. (Click on ‘Hugo the cat‘ for his story.)

Can different species live in harmony? Certainly. Even predator and prey species can co-exist without the expected kill. It is, however, never ideal to deliberately put predator and prey species together. Often though, like in our case, the animals themselves reveal their nature and show that living without killing is possible, and a multi-species household is created.

We were very careful when Hugo the cat first came into our lives. It was a while before we introduced Elmo and Georgie to him. If Hugo had shown any sign of predatory interest in our pigeons he wouldn’t have been allowed back in. But Hugo in fact showed us the opposite. He was afraid!

What makes a cat afraid of a pigeon? I’ve seen Hugo stalk and kill a bug, but he wouldn’t dare try that with our pigeons. He’s curious and will come over to sniff them, and sometimes he wants to play with them, but he’s never stalked Georgie or Elmo. If Hugo is too interested in Elmo, Elmo will try to peck him to tell him to back off, and Hugo will run away.

Georgie tolerates Hugo more than Elmo does. Here she is standing on him for no apparent reason:

2014-01-11 18.57.04

And here’s Elmo coming back into the living room with Hugo waiting for him to pass so he can go into the kitchen. Such manners! :)


As always, I tried to take video of my pigeons and Hugo together, but they were camera shy. I shall keep trying. :)

Yesterday I posted about toxic and poisonous plants and household products for birds. Today I want to post about safe plants for birds. Please have a read through these websites:

Safe Plants for Birds

Index of plants considered safe for birds and/or other pets

Safe Plants and Trees for Aviary Birds

Toxic and Safe Plants/Trees for Birds (this one has both toxic and non-toxic plants listed)

Disclaimer: Even though the information is believed to be correct, Pigeons As Pets will not be liable for any mistakes or omissions. No guarantee can be given as to the safety of any of the plants or foods.

African Violet, a safe plant (photo from Wikipedia)

It can sometimes be scary to think about the many dangers out there that can threaten your pigeon. Many of these dangers are actually in your home that you may be unaware of.

There are poisonous plants and household products that are toxic, and I think everyone should be aware of the household dangers to your birds. Think of it as baby-proofing your home. But for pigeons instead!

Please have a read through the following website:

Bird Proofing Your Home

Plants considered harmful to birds

Plants that are poisonous for pigeons on Pigeon-Talk

Toxic and Safe Plants/Tree for Birds (also has a list of safe plants)

The following link has a long list of articles regarding toxic and poisonous plants and household products. Well worth the read: Toxins & Hazards