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After the article about the people in my town using a bird of prey to scare the feral pigeons away at the Pantiles (see Local pigeon news posts), I looked into the matter further to see how effective and humane this method really is. I mistakenly thought that using this method was humane because, as I first read, the birds of prey are not trained to kill the pigeons – only to fly about to scare them. How silly of me to believe this! My mistake simply shows how important it is to research something thoroughly before making a judgement.

There is nothing humane with using birds of prey to control pigeon numbers. They state that the bird of prey is only supposed to fly about and scare the pigeons, however, how do you train a bird of prey to not catch and kill a pigeon?

Rather than reproduce what has already been so effectively written, please go to the following websites to read for yourself how ineffective and inhumane this method really is:

And for information on the law regarding pest control: PiCAS: The Law

Pest control companies that use lethal methods are either ignorant of the fact that it is ineffective and inhumane to use birds of prey or they simply ignore the fact and decide to keep their clients in the dark because they are making money from them. It is so sad to see so much greed and speciesism in the world.

I believe I found a clip of the video that inspired the people at the Pantiles to hire out a bird of prey (unfortunately, anyone outside of the UK cannot view the video). In the clip they simply state that they use falcons (a natural predator of pigeons) to scare pigeons in Dubai. They fail to mention whether the falcons actually catch and kill pigeons, so I looked further and found an article about their services as well as the company’s website. Nothing is mentioned on their own website (no surprise there), however, in the article they state that their falcons “never attack birds in the air and are trained to return to their owners for food when they’re hungry”. Believable?