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A few videos of pigeons in love. I really like the first video. The woodies are adorable!

There were 18 feral pigeons in our garden this morning. That’s 16 more since we’ve moved in. I guess it doesn’t help that we’ve set up a multi-bird feeder and throw peanuts and seed in abundance around the garden.  I think we’ll be having loads of new pigeons soon when their babies start leaving the nest. Here’s hoping!

This afternoon we had a friend come round to see us and meet Elmo and Georgie. As you can imagine Elmo was very excited and it was lovely to see our friend fall in love with him. Nobody can resist the charms of Elmo!!

Georgie is going to lay an egg any moment now and she’s been very sweet to us, nibbling our hands and cuddling up to us. She didn’t pay much attention to our friend but that’s just Georgie in her eggy mood.

It is the time for love and the wood pigeons living in the tree opposite us have been canoodling every morning:


I can’t wait for little baby woodies to appear with mum and dad to eat the peanuts in our garden!

I’ve been looking for photos of pigeons kissing and found many on the net, just type in ‘pigeons kissing’ and you’ll see many images of pigeons showing their affections (too many photos for me to post here). Such loving creatures!

I just hope that more people go ‘aaaw’ when they see pigeons kissing. I sure do!!