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As promised here’s an update on Minnie’s and mummy pigeon’s new life:

We visited them today and I have to say that it was lovely to see Minnie again. As soon as she saw us she jumped onto the aviary mesh and started flapping to get our attention. She obviously recognised us and was happy to see us!


Minnie (right) and her new mate

Minnie has paired up with a handsome big boy and she laid her first ever egg last Wednesday (14th April). She’s only 7 months old and still just as small. Minnie laid only one tiny egg, which was quickly replaced with a dummy egg. When Richard and I arrived at the aviary Minnie’s mate was incubating it.

The mummy pigeon hasn’t had as much luck unfortunately! :(


Mummy pigeon

Although there are two other single males in the aviary neither have courted her, which I find surprising since she was such a big hit with the male pigeons at my workplace. But at least she is in a safe environment.

One of the single males is currently trying to steal a female from another male but maybe he’ll realise he cannot have her and will concentrate on the mummy pigeon.

The other single male is a white dove and only likes white females. Here he’s excitedly courting a new female arrival (who has a broken wing):

We’re very happy with Minnie’s new life and wish her the best with her mate. They make a handsome couple!


Minnie's mate is bigger than her which this photo doesn't show.


Minnie's mate


27th February 2010

A while back a mummy pigeon and her two babies were brought into my workplace because the pigeon pair had nested on the ground in a hospital courtyard where it was due to have renovations done. The mummy pigeon has a broken wing and cannot even hop off the ground, which is why they had nested on the ground. The hospital staff had been kind enough to feed her and shelter her from any harm, however, they needed to relocate them because of the renovations. They had tried to catch the whole family but the daddy pigeon flew away and they never caught him.


10th March 2010

Actually, the hospital staff thought the mummy pigeon was the daddy! I didn’t ask them why they thought this (silly me!) and so for a few weeks we called the mummy pigeon a daddy until we later found out that she was female. We found this out simply by the behaviour of other pigeons in an adjacent aviary. All the male pigeons took one look at the big, healthy and pretty mummy pigeon and begun their courtship campaign! If the wire hadn’t been between them she would have been worn out by their advances.

The babies grew and grew under mummy’s loving care at the rescue centre and they are due to be released once they are big and strong.

Here’s a video of mummy feeding one of her babies:

The mummy pigeon had to be rehomed because of her broken wing. I knew of someone who was looking for female pigeons to pair up with her male pigeons and so on the 27th March we took mummy pigeon (and another female pigeon that needed rehoming) to her aviary and got her settled into her new home (see Minnie’s new home).

This Saturday we will be visiting the aviary and we’ll be taking plenty of photos and will have an update for you on the mummy pigeon (as well as Minnie).


27th March 2010 - Taking her to her new home!