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With the weather taking a turn for the worst – cold, windy and lots of wet white stuff falling from the sky – Georgie and Elmo have made the wise decision to hunker down for the day in the warmth and safety of our home. Georgie peered out the window this morning to “see” what all the fuss was about and turned round to let me know that she didn’t need to have another experience out in the snow.



So she got fed some pancakes instead! :)



Elmo didn’t want any, the silly boy. He decided the floor was comfy enough to nap on:



I love pancakes, Richard loves pancakes, but Georgie LURVES pancakes! :)


Georgie sneaking over

I completely forgot to add pancakes to the list I wrote about the other day (See: Things we cannot do in peace because of our pigeons). While Elmo can take them or leave em, Georgie must have pancakes. So after I had a few myself, I had to let Georgie eat some too (before she leapt onto my plate), minus the jam of course.

Now, some of you may be thinking that all I feed my pigeon is crisps, toast and pancakes, however, that is not the case at all. These are occassional treats – and Georgie only ever gets a little bit – because as we should all know by know, fatty, salty, greasy food is never good to eat in excess. Pigeons included.

Because of Georgie’s bad eyesight it can be hard to introduce new foodstuffs to her diet, but if she likes the smell and taste of it she usually begs for more (once I’ve somehow managed to get her to peck at it. I mean, how is she supposed to know the thing I’m holding to her beak is food?).

Elmo, on the other hand, can see the food and choose accordingly, green being an attractive quality to any food item. Weirdly, though, he doesn’t like defrosted peas.