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Of the many things Elmo enjoys, being fed by daddy is certainly in the top 3. I’ll get the peanut jar out and pick a few of his favourite kind (it has to be a certain size, shape, and ideally without skin) and his little eyes light up like a 4 year old getting a puppy for Christmas. I can hear his screaming “ooo! oooo! ooo!!! Oh yes, feed me feed me! thank you daddy!!!” just by looking in his eyes.

On one such occasion he was particularly excited, gobbling down the peanuts quicker than I could pick them up again, or so I thought… In fact his ability to swallow peanuts faster than my being able to supply them was causing a blockage in his throat, which I didn’t notice initially. After his feeding session I let him settle down in his nest. My wife noticed him with his neck extended and beak open. Then I felt his throat, thick with peanuts, there must have been around 5 clogged in there. A gentle massage released the blockage and he could breath easily again, as could we.

ANOTHER terrifying experience over with!

An introduction to Georgie, our semi-blind feral pigeon: