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I’ve been a bit preoccupied and haven’t been writing as much about my two disabled, tame pigeons, Georgie and Elmo - which I feel bad about – but when you discover a new interest, it can take up all your time and energy in the first few weeks of fresh discovery and excitement.

So what has been luring me away from blogging? Well, knitting actually. I won’t go into it in detail (you can read a bit about it here if you want: Elmo, wool and a pair of knitting needles and My pigeon flock – knitted of course!) but what I will say is that Georgie does not approve of my new hobby, whilst Elmo does.

Georgie truly believes that my lap is only there for her to sit on and that my hands are only in existence to pet and cuddle her. When I’m knitting my hands are in constant movement, thus disturbing her nap on my lap, and the needles may accidentally poke her, so as you can imagine, Georgie does not like me knitting in the evening when she is simply trying to have a snooze!! I get quite a few pecks and angry coos for my knitting endeavors.

Elmo, on the other hand, thinks the yarn and completed knitted toys are there for him to court. He’ll jump over, give his best “How you doing?” coo, and then attempt to mount the yarn ball. It can be quite distracting when I’m trying to knit.

I guess cats don’t have a monopoly on yarn balls. :)

Ps. As I’m writing this Elmo has hopped onto the coffee table to coo and prance around a yarn ball. He’s getting his feet tangled in the wool, silly boy. Gotta go rescue him!

Last night Georgie stayed up late past her bedtime without any problems. Usually, if she’s on the sofa with us after 10pm, Georgie gets very moody and starts to peck us. She doesn’t like the TV on (the flickering light from it) and doesn’t like it if I move about. She basically wants us to go to sleep. So, at 10pm I put Georgie in her cage and cover half with a cloth to prevent the light from the TV disturbing her (her cage is in the living room). Georgie will then fall asleep without any problem and is quite content with this arrangement.

However, last night, Georgie was with us past midnight. She was asleep on me, snuggled up under my chin – her favourite spot! (And I have the scratches to prove it! Georgie likes to scratch about to make her “nest” more comfortable.) I had to stay still so as to not disturb her – and I have to say, a pigeon under the chin is a very warm and soft “neck-warmer”! :)

We’ve been thinking that Elmo also needs a bedtime because he gets restless if we stay up late. My husband is going to try putting Elmo away on the bedside table (where Elmo sleeps at night) after 10pm and see if that works. I’m not sure Elmo will approve of going to bed without his “mate” though.

Elmo often falls alseep on Richard’s chest anyway:


Elmo, one content little pigeon

In other news, we bought Georgie a cat nest to hide in. We were going to get it for her hatchday, however, we weren’t able to get to the shops in time, so we gave it to her the day after. Georgie seems to like it, although she often uses it as platform to launch herself across the room in an attempt at flying (she still manages to fly backwards).


Georgie, "King of the hill"


Georgie checking out her new nest

Our sofa space is now reduced even more. Georgie taking up one end, Elmo the other. I think we need a bigger sofa!! :D

There are a few things we simply cannot do in peace because of Georgie and Elmo (our imprinted, disabled, feral pigeons).

We cannot:

  • drink a hot beverage
  • eat crisps, popcorn, toast or anything green
  • read or do anything on the floor

You may be wondering why? Well, for the simple reason that our pigeons will not leave us alone if we do the above mentioned things.

As soon as Georgie hears me stirring any hot beverage (that telltale sound of spoon tinkling against a ceramic mug) she starts dipping her beak down as if she is drinking from the mug. When she realises that the hot drink is nowhere near her, she locates me and tries to get to the drink for a sip, which, of course, is not a good thing for her and which I prevent from happening at all costs. However, it does make for a rather silly dance as I try to sip the drink at an awkward angle with Georgie on my shoulder dipping her beak to do so too. If I push her away she becomes angry and delivers some sharp pecks before she resumes her beak dipping behaviour. She never behaves like this when I’m drinking something cold.

I cannot eat crisps alone because the rustling sound of a crisps packet must mean “Come over and peck at me” in pigeon. Without fail, every time I open a crisps packet at home the sound of that action drives Georgie mad and she jumps over to me to take her share. Now I know that excess salt is bad for any creature so I try my best not to let Georgie eat crisps, however, once again this proves difficult when you have an insistent pigeon on your lap pecking away at the packet and your hands. I often have to put Georgie on the floor while I try to enjoy the crisps in peace, however, more often than not, I have to let my pigeon peck for a while at my salty fingers to get her salt kick (if not, I have one grumpy pigeon on my hands).

Toast is another favourite food item of Georgie’s and it seems she can smell it when it’s on my plate because she’s always there to try to steal a slice, usually with Elmo not far behind.

Elmo has a popcorn addiction. Georgie used to love popcorn too but not anymore (for unknown reasons). My husband and I cannot enjoy a bowl of popcorn in peace when watching a movie because Elmo insists on joining us. We have to break a few pieces up and let Elmo peck at them on the sofa just to keep him busy while we enjoy the bulk of the popcorn. Elmo is also attracted to green food items, spinach and lettuce being his favourite.

Regarding not being able to read or do something on the floor, this is all down to noisy Elmo. Imagine this: you fancy a different scene so you sit on the floor and start playing Solitaire with cards or lay down some magazines to browse through. All of a sudden you hear a thump noise as a pigeon lands on the floor and then makes his way over. You have nothing against a curious pigeon, such behaviour simply shows how wonderful the species is, but you do have something against said pigeon standing smack-bang on top of the cards or magazines. Right in the middle. Looking up at you with, “Whatcha doing?” eyes. He may then start to peck at the items he’s standing on (Photo examples: Elmo boy photos).

Here’s some photos I took this evening:


Our sofa has some storage space under it. Elmo is checking out the new sights from high up.


Elmo boy


Georgie trying her best not to be noticed (since she hates cameras).


We now have a curtain obsessed pigeon. Georgie girl has taken a liking to pecking the living room curtains and hiding behind them. I have no idea why and cannot think of a reason for this behaviour.

One day I couldn’t find Georgie, she wasn’t in the usual spots. Then I saw a pair of feet:


Perhaps Georgie is playing hide-and-seek? If so, she’s not very good at it because now she always hides in the same place. :)


I’ll be going away for a week and will be back in action on Tuesday 12th July (I’m going to Hungary to see family). Unfortunately I cannot take Georgie with me, nor Elmo or my hubby!

While I was packing, Georgie tried to smuggle her way into the bag:


"Will mummy notice me?" thinks Georgie

I know she’ll miss me, however, Richard will give her lots of attention and affection (whether she wants it or not). Georgie can be a bit of a pain, though. She has mood swings: one moment she’s sitting happily by your side, the next she’s attacking you! So Richard will have to be careful with his interactions with her. I hope she doesn’t peck him too much!

Elmo, on the hand, will be happy to have Richard almost all to himself!! :) For one whole week he won’t have to share the sofa with me nor have to tolerate (or not! as is often the case) my vain attempts to cuddle him. I just hope Elmo’s not too disappointed to see me when I return.

Georgie made one last attempt to get into the bag, but I can only take one pigeon with me and I’ve chosen Mr. Pigeon as my travel companion.


Mr. Pigeon and Georgie

I’ll try to check our facebook page and emails, however, I might not have the opportunity to be online every day. Richard will have to keep an eye on things for me.

I hope to see some pigeons in Hungary (I know there’s collared doves at my grandmother’s house because I’ve heard them cooing) and I’ll try to take photos of them. A sort of pigeon-spotting trip! :)


Mr. Pigeon arrives waving hello!

We received a present from Elmo and Georgie yesterday. They surprised us by getting us our very own Mr. Pigeon! :)

He arrived in style, complete with passport and name tag. I also found some instructions for me to knit a top for him (hmmm, now do I have a “Knitting for Dummies” somewhere?).

I love him. Mr. Pigeon is adorable. A great mascot too! :) I haven’t decided his first name yet, so he’ll be addressed as “Mr. Pigeon” for the time being. After he gets used to living with us and we see his character coming out, we’ll then think of a suitable first name.

I couldn’t wait to introduce him to Georgie and Elmo.

Here’s Elmo’s reaction to seeing Mr. Pigeon for the first time:

Hilarious! I don’t think Mr. Pigeon appreciated all that attention.


New arrival: the adorable Mr. Pigeon

We placed Mr. Pigeon next to Elmo in his nest while Elmo was still very excited, and after a few strokes from Mr. Pigeon, Elmo tried to feed him!! :D


Elmo feeding Mr. Pigeon

Georgie wasn’t too sure about him. She gave him a light peck and walked away. He’ll have to try harder to win her affections.


Mr. Pigeon and Georgie

I discovered the wonderful life of Mr. Pigeon when I came upon this fun blog by Charlie P: The Pigeon Loft. And you can buy one from Charlie’s shop when they are available: The Pigeon Loft Shop on Etsy. (More about knitted pigeons: Knitted pigeons.)

We’ll keep you posted on how Elmo and Georgie take to sharing their home with Mr. Pigeon! I’ll have to remember to share my time equally so that no one becomes jealous. :)


Elmo sizes Mr. Pigeon up


Elmo greets Mr. Pigeon, "Why, hello there!"

After a lovely snuggle with Georgie girl on the sofa (with Elmo’s watchful eye at the territory border) I took Georgie with me to the kitchen to get a glass of water. We walked past something in the corridor that Georgie took offense to and she exploded with anger. Angry pecks and lots of wing slaps! Took me completely by surprise!

And when I saw what it was that Georgie was so angry at I smiled. Of course, it was the lava lamp!! :)

Georgie hates bright lights, especially from torches and mobile phone screens, and she especially hates flashing lights. So a lava lamp must be something terrible to her! It’s big, colourful and full of light!!

I had to take a video of Georgie attacking the lava lamp. She was being very unreasonable. I’m sure the lamp just wanted to make friends.

I’ll have to cover her eyes next time I carry Georgie past it.

A video of Elmo being loving and wonderful:

And here’s a video of Georgie being horrible to Richard (I don’t know why he let her do this to him):

Georgie still isn’t talking to me (she’s on her “eggs”) and Elmo thinks I’m the perfect person to practice his latest karate moves and pecks. I have a very long scar on my hand from his kicks!

So I’ve been getting all the hugs and cuddles I can from the pigeons at work. :)

Dora was actually nice to me today – I managed to get a cuddle from her without being pecked to bits. She was obviously not feeling territorial nor possessive over her nest and mate. It’s nice for a change.

I spent a little time in the pigeon aviary at work with the fancy, tame and disabled pigeons. I love watching all the “pigeon politics” that go on.

There’s nothing quite as peaceful and serene as being amongst pigeons. I simply love it.

Elmo had another go at Templeton, the soft toy rat! We threw the toy around and Elmo raced after it to kill it. We managed to get the end of the game on video – you can see that Elmo’s getting tired of running after Templeton, but he still manages to attack it. We love Elmo!! :D