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I looked for “New Year pigeon” and “New Year dove” on the old YouTube site, and here’s what I found:

And a few random videos simply for your viewing pleasure:

I must admit, I really cannot get enough of the voice of these doves! They crack me up! :D

A few random pigeon videos of some beautiful pigeons:

I love these two:

Vickster, a very happy pigeon:

Here’s Sophie, a beautiful white pigeon (looks like a King pigeon):

In memory of Willie the pigeon who befriended an unsuspecting man:

I used to watch Sesame Street when I was young, however, I don’t remember that Bert had a pet pigeon. How did I miss that?!

So Bert’s pet pigeon is called Bernice. Here are a few videos of her (or should I say “them” since Bernice seems to have changed colour!):

Bert also created a dance called “Doin’ the Pigeon”, which goes a little like this:

I think it’s great that Bert loves pigeons! Hopefully many children out there have become interested in pigeons because of Sesame Street. Here’s another video:

I absolutely love this video:

:D Brilliant stuff!!

Love it!

Watch his other videos too and you’ll see some wonderful pigeons.

Here’s a few:

Here are three videos of a special pigeon called Squeaky: