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There’s something very special about having a portrait of your pet animal, especially by an artist who captures the spirit of your pet.

We are lucky to have a painting of Elmo and one of Georgie:

Elmo portrait

Georgie portrait

These were painted by Ciara Healy: www.ciarahealy.com

The following portraits are of other people’s pet pigeons and they allowed me to share them with you to admire. :)

I think they are both beautiful and unique.

A painting of Emmett, a 20 year old pet feral pigeon, on two of his own feathers. Painted by Bobbie Momsen: www.bobbiesbirds.com

Feather portrait of Emmett

Feather painting of Emmett

A portrait of a lovely King pigeon called Dovee (a.k.a. Super Dovee!) by Alina Kremer: www.alinakremer.com

Super Dovee portrait

Super Dovee portrait

Dovee is an ambassador for Mickacoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue. Please visit their website: www.pigeonrescue.org

You can buy Super Dovee merchandise: http://www.printfection.com/MickaCooGear/SUPER-Dovee
Not only will you have a copy of this lovely portrait, you will also be supporting a wonderful organisation.

If any of you have a painting, sculpture or other type of portrait of your beloved pet pigeon or dove, I’d love to see it! Please contact me by commenting on this post or by clicking on the pink ‘Feedback’ tab on the right of the website. Thank you!

The wonderful world of Trompeto pigeon:

Pigeons as Pets has recently teamed up with My Social Petwork, a new social networking site, which is running a survey as part of the site’s launch to find out all about the habits of British pet lovers and their animal friends.

We’ve created our own account after having a look at the site and concluding that it is a fun way to share photos and other info to other animal lovers, particularly to raise the profile of pigeons! The more cute photos of pigeons looking at home with humans the better! :)

I’ve completed the survey and I think it would be great if you did too! :)

My Social Petwork logo

My Social Petwork is a brand new social networking site which aims to bring together pet lovers, communities and businesses from across the UK to make friends and share a mutual love for pets.

Join the first UK-wide pet census by clicking on the link below and filling in the simple survey: http://dotsurvey.me/ec1p287a-53e193e

You can also take part in the ‘petworking’ fun by registering at www.mysocialpetwork.co.uk and creating a profile for your pets. Then all you need to do is start posting pictures of your furry (or not so furry!) friends. Every day the picture and video with the most ‘Loves’ will take pride of place on the ‘Pet of the Day’ homepage.

Check out My Social Petwork on their social media channels for the latest pet news, funny pictures and entertaining videos. 

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MySocialPetworkUK

Twitter: @Petworking

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/mysocialpetwork/

It’s terribly easy. In fact, if you don’t watch out one day a pigeon may befriend you and you’ll never look back. You’ll be hooked. :)

Here are some stories of pigeons and people becoming friends:

Your stories about pigeons at PigeonWatch

Stories about pigeons on Diamond Dove

On me ‘ead son! Real-life Dr Doolittle nurses sick pigeon back to health – and makes a friend for life


I looked for “New Year pigeon” and “New Year dove” on the old YouTube site, and here’s what I found:

And a few random videos simply for your viewing pleasure:

I must admit, I really cannot get enough of the voice of these doves! They crack me up! :D

Very nice videos about King pigeons. Please consider the following: Don’t buy or breed – Adopt instead! :)

Vickster, a very happy pigeon:

Sometimes I look at Elmo and George and think, “Wow, I have pigeons in the house!” It’s an amazing thought. Out of all the pet owners out there, how many have pigeons? Before getting Georgie and Elmo I had never met anyone who has pigeons as pets. I didn’t even consider pigeons an option. Dogs, guinea pigs, parrots and rats were my prefered animals. Then I met baby George and she needed a home – so we gave her one. Then Elmo came along needing a home and we quickly welcomed him into ours.

Although I sometimes long to have a dog or other animals, at the moment we cannot, but I also wonder if we can ever get a dog for fear of it hurting George and Elmo. Would a puppy who we can train be better or an oldie who has little hunting desire left in him? I’m not sure I could take the risk.

So at the moment we have two pigeons in the house – but I’m also desperate to get an aviary (aviaries preferably!) to fill with disabled ferals and tame fancy pigeons. … but that dream has to wait till we win the lottery to be able to buy a house with acres of land! … In fact, I can boldly say that if I ever do win a big cash lottery prize I will set up a pigeon sanctuary for all those darling pigeons that need a forever home (well, I might do this even if I don’t win the lottery).

Anyway, I’m kind of forgetting what this post was originally supposed to be about: litte people in my home. Let me explain:

I’ll be in the kitchen and in walks Elmo, pecking at the floor (- just like a dog will pad into the room). I do a double-take and really look at Elmo – trying to see him as a pigeon but sometimes I see more than his external pigeon-looking body. I see his character and personality brimming over his body – disguising him – making me see him as a person rather than a pigeon. Love can do funny things to your eyes.

Some days I really struggle to view Elmo as a pigeon – he’s turning into a person in my eyes – but not a human – just another kind of being (kind of human). Confusing? Well, it is to me! :)

Here’s Sophie, a beautiful white pigeon (looks like a King pigeon):

In memory of Willie the pigeon who befriended an unsuspecting man: