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Today our darling Elmo boy is 11 years old. Can you believe it?!

“Happy Hatchday, Elmo!!”

We’ve had Elmo for 3 years now, however, it feels like we’ve known and lived with him for longer. He’s such an integral part of our family that it’s hard to imagine what our life was like before him.

We woke up to a very happy pigeon on the bedside table, cooing and wing twitching with joy as he saw that we were awake and available to give him his morning hug. Then it was time for his presents: A knitted pigeon and a jar of pine nuts! :)


Elmo's hatchday presents

Elmo received a card from his original mum, as well as a card from us. I knitted the pigeon for Elmo (the pigeon is Cooey pigeon from Stitch London) and I think Elmo enjoyed playing with him (*ahem* pecking him *ahem*) very much, as you can see from the video:

We’ll be showering Elmo with even more love and affection today, and I’m sure he’ll be sick of all the cuddles and treats he receives by the end of the day. :)


Elmo tucking into the pine nut jar

Would a blind pigeon be able to tell the difference between two people’s laps? Regardless of what they are wearing?

Well, Georgie certainly can. My wife likes to wear my fleece. Regardless of who is wearing it, or how you interact with her, she knows who’s who. My wife gets preened, and Georgie snuggles up to her, while I on the other hand get viciously attacked!

Anybody out there ever played hide and seek with a semi-blind pigeon before? You’d think that we, the sighted humans would have the upper hand, however, today Georgie proved us wrong.

Both Georgie and Elmo have free reign over our flat when we’re at home, which both pigeons take advantage of. Georgie usually goes walkabouts once a day, and we normally find her sat in the corner of the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Today, however, after not having seen her for a while we went to look for her in the usual places. Is she in the hallway? No. Bathroom? No. Kitchen? No. Bedroom? No. Hmmm, maybe behind the sofa in the living room? No. … In the bath? No. Bin? No. Laundry basket? No. Etc, etc.

After about an hour of frantic searching (in which we had upturned nearly the whole flat and were calling her name over and over), Richard noticed a pigeon sized hole under the toilet pipe leading behind the tiled bathroom sink. Uh oh. We called her name and listened. No sound. We called again and again. … Then the faint sounds of pigeon footsteps.

The hole Georgie went into

Hole under the toilet pipe leading behind the tiled bathroom sink.

15 mins later the bath is in pieces and Richard’s arm is reaching behind the sink. NOW Georgie thinks of cooing… not while we were searching for her; No, that would have made it too easy for us.

Bathroom in bits n pieces

The bathroom in pieces!

So we manage to pull her out and Georgie’s none the worst for her experience. Who’d have thought that a semi-blind pigeon could play hide and seek so well?

We, on the other hand, are still a bit shaky. My heart’s still racing but I’m very happy to have my darling Georgie back on my lap.

PS. We’ve just moved into our new flat and we never knew this hole existed!!! It’s now blocked so we don’t have a repeat of this incident.

Behind the tiled bathroom sink

The pipe Georgie was standing on behind the bathroom sink.

Georgie after playing hide and seek

Georgie after being dragged out of her hiding place.

Elmo allowed us to sleep in a little later than normal this morning. We finally rose at around 10:30am to Elmo’s furious cooing. He was so happy and proud that his persistent wishing paid off and we finally moved! We opened the window to get some fresh air. Our bedroom in the new flat overlooks our large, secluded garden, which we absolutely love, and so does Elmo.

After a few minutes stretching his legs Elmo, very inquisitively stares out the window, which is my sign to get trousers, shoes, coat, etc on and take him walkies!!! He loves being outside (at least when it’s not covered in snow), he pecks at dirt, and enjoys the wind through his feathers.

Garden from bedroom window