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On Saturday I wrote about pigeons being painted multi-coloured in Spain as part of a competition/game.


What Georgie would look like pink!

It reminded me of something Richard and I were working on a while ago (and which was regrettably put on the back shelf for a long time).

We’ve been wanting some artwork of Elmo and George and I thought it would be nice to have a portrait of Georgie in a pseudo Andy Warhol pop art style painting. On the right is one of the portraits we designed. I think she looks rather pretty in pink! :D

We’re thinking of having the picture printed on canvas (with maybe four or six portraits of Georgie in different colours). At the moment though our little project is on the back burner as we’re kept preoccupied with other matters, though hopefully soon I’ll be able to post the completed picture.

Ps. We think this should be the only way to paint a pigeon! :)