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Last night I realised something – I’ve never seen a nature programme about pigeons. You know, a National Geographic or BBC nature documentary that shows the life of a woodpigeon, feral pigeon or collared dove. Sure, we’ve all seen the peregrine falcon chasing a pigeon to eat it – but usually the programme is about the predator not the prey.

I’ve seen numerous documentaries about the busy period of spring, with blackbirds, robins and blue tits feeding their young – but where are the shots of pigeons feeding their young? Why don’t they deserve any screen time?

So I did some searching on the net and found loads of videos about racing pigeons or about predators and pigeons, and some documentaries on feral pigeons in the city (e.g. are they pests?) – but what I’m really looking for is a full length nature programme about the life of pigeons: their beauty, their dedication as partners and parents, their adaptability and life in the wild.

Maybe my internet searching skills aren’t up to scratch, because the only proper programme I found is this, Brilliant Beasts: Pigeon Genius, courtesy of The Pigeon Nest (thank you!). Each video runs for about 10-14 minutes.

Although I didn’t like the voice of the narrator, nor his style (I prefer Sir David Attenborough! I grew up watching his programmes), it is an excellent documentary about feral pigeons – truly championing the pigeon! It shows how pigeons are one of the most adaptable, productive, loving and intelligent species in the world! Who’s with me in thinking that they will one day rule the world?!

In the second video – at 08:39 – they state that “Pigeons are perfect parents! … And it starts with a kiss!” – Love it!! :)

If you do not feel like watching all 4 videos then please watch the second video starting from around 08:14 about pigeons being parents. It will make your heart melt!

Now I really want to see a nature programme about woodpigeons, collared doves and other pigeons of the world!