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Many of you may know that Elmo sleeps on Richard’s bedside table. He wouldn’t have it any other way. But before Elmo is placed there for him to settle down to sleep he must have a drink!

If Elmo hasn’t had a drink right before bedtime he’ll walk around in circles on the bedside table and won’t settle. This happened one night (probably last year or so) and I said aloud, “I wonder if he’s thirsty?” Sure enough, once placed into the cage that holds his food and water, he went straight to the water bowl and nearly drunk it dry!! It happened another night and we then realised that Elmo had to have a drink before going to sleep. (Don’t we all?)

Some evenings we’re not sure if he’s already had a drink (e.g. while we were brushing our teeth) so Richard will place Elmo in the cage and wait for him to take a sip. Obviously, if he’s already quenched his thirst he’s not interested in the water. But Elmo soon started to teach Richard what he wants. If Richard gives Elmo a kiss before placing him in the cage, Elmo will have a drink (and then expect another kiss and lots of praise!!) – even if he’s already had a drink, in which case, Elmo will take a tiny sip (just to satisfy our request) and then run over for his praise. If Richard doesn’t give Elmo a kiss beforehand, Elmo will not touch the water.

Pretty clever! :)

The other night Elmo was in a trance, completely trusting in everything Richard did, even when placed on his back – as you can see:


Elmo asleep on his back

Here’s Georgie’s and Elmo’s daily routine during the week:

7am – Mummy and daddy wake Elmo and Georgie up and let them roam the flat while they get ready for work. Mummy cleans Georgie’s cage and give Elmo and Georgie fresh food and water.

7.40am - Elmo and Georgie get put away while daddy and mummy are at work. Elmo has free rein of the bedroom. He’ll sleep, preen, look out the window into the garden, flap about and sometimes have a bath during the day while he waits for daddy and mummy to return. Georgie spends her time in her cage (she needs to be in a cage since she’s semi-blind and can get herself into trouble if left alone in the flat).

5.20pm - Mummy and daddy return home and let Elmo and Georgie out. Cage cleaned and fresh food and water is given again.

5.21pm till around 10-11pm – Georgie and Elmo spend their evening free to walk about the flat and do whatever they want (which includes running about the flat, pecking at mummy’s feet, have a nap on mummy or daddy, eating peanuts and trying to eat mummy’s dinner) until they are put away for the night.

Their weekend schedule:

Wake mummy and daddy up if they sleep in too long then spend the day in the flat as they wish. If it is a nice day outside they get to spend a little time in the garden to peck at the grass and eat the soil. Mummy and daddy spend their weekend catering for Elmo’s and George’s every need. Aah, the tough life of a pigeon! :)