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We went to see Toy Story 3 and were delighted to see a pigeon make an appearance in the movie! I won’t spoil anything but the pigeon scene made us pigeon lovers squeal with delight! :)

Yesterday, after writing my post, Georgie took me hostage and I ‘unfortunately’ couldn’t move for the whole evening because she was sat so comfortable on my chest. I just couldn’t move her. She looked so sweet. I wish I could take a photo of her when she’s all snuggled up but Georgie doesn’t like camera lights nor flash and reacts immediately to any cameras and phones near her. Pity. (More about this at: Technophobic George)

So I just have to stay put and take delight in her pretty delicate face feathers and content look. She melts my heart.

The pigeon rule” still applies so my poor hubby was at my beck and call! :)

We have this rule in our household, called The Pigeon Rule, and it goes something like this: if someone has a pigeon on them then they are exempt from doing anything.

For example:

“Honey, can you open the window please?”

“Sorry, got a pigeon on me.”

“Oh, ok. I’ll do it myself then.”

This rule started because Elmo and Georgie would (and still do) fall alseep on our lap and we were (and still are) reluctant to disturb them to get up. So whoever is pigeon free has to do the chore. … The Pigeon Rule has led to some people (no names mentioned… ahemRichardahem) to cheat:

“Honey, can you please do the dishes?”

“Sorry, got a pigeon on me,” as he picks up Elmo and places him on his lap.

“Is that so? … Well, so do I!” Picking up Georgie.

Maybe we need some ground rules established for The Pigeon Rule. :D