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The big news this month is that the Pigeons as Pets group are moving to Newcastle upon Tyne!!

As the old cliche goes, when opportunity comes knocking at your door, you answer! Which we did. So a new job and life up North is soon upon us, and I’m very busy preparing for the big move.

One of the first things I thought of was to find a pigeon-friendly rescue centre and vet. Our two disabled pigeons, Elmo and Georgie, are part of our family and I have to ensure that we have pro-pigeon contacts to help us if they become ill or if we need a pet sitter or help.

Some suggestions have come in from my facebook enquiry, so I will definitely be looking into them further:

Blyth Wildlife Rescue

firstvets in Heaton

I’ve also done an internet search and a few places came up that also look promising:

Robson & Prescott Veterinary Centre

The Sanctuary Wildlife Care Centre

So soon you’ll be reading about Elmo and Georgie’s new adventures in the north of England. Very exciting!! :D

There are many pigeon friendly organisations, sanctuaries, vets and rescue centres that will help you if you find an orphaned, ill or injured pigeon. There is also a lot of information on the internet on what to do as the first step, such as this post: Pigeon Rescue: what to do with injured, ill and orphaned pigeons

For a world-wide list please visit this forum: Matilda’s List

For a UK list: Pigeon Friendly Rescue Centres in the UK

Organisations that can help:

Websites and forums that have good information and advice:

There are also many Facebook groups of pigeon friendly people who can advise you on all things relating to the pigeon (you must have a Facebook account to see these groups):

All the above organisations, websites and centres can help you with your query if ever you come across an injured, ill or orphaned pigeon. The best thing to do is to rescue the pigeon, keep it safe and warm, and immediately contact your nearest pigeon-friendly rescue centre or organisation who can take the bird from you to give it the medical care it needs.

Editors note: I am also able to give advice, however, please don’t rely on me in an emergency as I may not be online every day. Thank you.

Sometimes I look at Elmo and George and think, “Wow, I have pigeons in the house!” It’s an amazing thought. Out of all the pet owners out there, how many have pigeons? Before getting Georgie and Elmo I had never met anyone who has pigeons as pets. I didn’t even consider pigeons an option. Dogs, guinea pigs, parrots and rats were my prefered animals. Then I met baby George and she needed a home – so we gave her one. Then Elmo came along needing a home and we quickly welcomed him into ours.

Although I sometimes long to have a dog or other animals, at the moment we cannot, but I also wonder if we can ever get a dog for fear of it hurting George and Elmo. Would a puppy who we can train be better or an oldie who has little hunting desire left in him? I’m not sure I could take the risk.

So at the moment we have two pigeons in the house – but I’m also desperate to get an aviary (aviaries preferably!) to fill with disabled ferals and tame fancy pigeons. … but that dream has to wait till we win the lottery to be able to buy a house with acres of land! … In fact, I can boldly say that if I ever do win a big cash lottery prize I will set up a pigeon sanctuary for all those darling pigeons that need a forever home (well, I might do this even if I don’t win the lottery).

Anyway, I’m kind of forgetting what this post was originally supposed to be about: litte people in my home. Let me explain:

I’ll be in the kitchen and in walks Elmo, pecking at the floor (- just like a dog will pad into the room). I do a double-take and really look at Elmo – trying to see him as a pigeon but sometimes I see more than his external pigeon-looking body. I see his character and personality brimming over his body – disguising him – making me see him as a person rather than a pigeon. Love can do funny things to your eyes.

Some days I really struggle to view Elmo as a pigeon – he’s turning into a person in my eyes – but not a human – just another kind of being (kind of human). Confusing? Well, it is to me! :)