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Both Elmo and Georgie had a shower and bath this morning. We then took them out to dry in the sunshine and I must say it was such a lovely morning, so relaxed and peaceful. Our pigeons took the lead and showed us how to have a lazy Saturday out in the garden, preening and soaking up the suns rays. Pigeons know best! ;)


Georgie (left) and Elmo (right) enjoying the sunshine


Georgie girl


Elmo boy


Elmo has a bit of a flap


Pigeons in the garden


"For you."

After coming back into the flat Elmo wanted to spend some time on the windowsill preening and watching the other birds flit about in the garden:


Aren’t the manuals appropriate for such a flight-challenged pigeon? :D

After writing my last post about Elmo and Georgie’s bathing habits (see: What went wrong?) I tried to entice them once again to have a bath in a large dish. Did I succeed? … In my dreams. So, in an act of desperation, I gave them a light shower in an attempt to show them how wonderful it is. I have to say they seemed equally unimpressed with me that day.


Georgie, wet pigeon number 1


Elmo, wet pigeon number 2

Pigeons love to bathe. Anyone who has observed pigeons will notice this. And because of this wonderful pastime that is such a delight to watch I’ve written numerous posts about my bathing (and showering) pigeons.

So, what went wrong? Why have Elmo and Georgie suddenly decided that they no longer want a bath? … Sure, they’ll try to have a bath in their tiny water bowl next to their food, but when I go buy a large plastic container for them to have a good soaking in, they reject it!! They’ve even rejected having a bath in the other dishes and containers they used to bathe in. I don’t understand what has happened. When I see Georgie trying to bathe in her water bowl, I’ll quickly get the large dish out and ready but when placed into it, Georgie will simply jump out and walk away. Elmo does the same. … I have to admit, I am completely stumped as to why they are behaving like this.

As far as I can tell nothing has changed, but something, in their minds, has turned their minds away from bathing in the large bowls. I guess I’ll have to leave them to bathe in their tiny water bowls – which is actually quite a funny thing to watch since they obviously cannot get the desired soaking, despite all their attempts.

Here are some photos of Elmo and Georgie in their bathing heyday:


Elmo in the dish he used to like bathing in


Georgie happily soaking in the bathroom sink


Elmo chilling out in the sun


Georgie bathing in a large bowl

Bath time is usually on the weekends, especially if the sun is shining, however, this time Elmo wanted a shower! He was standing on the laundry basket, keeping Richard company, but then he started to shiver and shake as he looked at the water falling down into the tub. Elmo was excited!!

So Richard placed him on the dry end of the tub and Elmo, being the silly boy he is, backed into the falling water. He got himself thoroughly wet!


Elmo having a shower


All wet!


Drying off!

Georgie, on the other hand, wasn’t as adventurous. She stuck to having a bog standard bath! :)


Georgie having a bath

Georgie did something she’s never done before: She had a shower!

Ok, you may be a bit confused now because you’ve seen photos of Georgie all wet. But that was because she loves having a bath, but she’s never liked having a shower. Until now, that is.

On the weekend (maybe it was the Saturday but I cannot remember) Georgie decided to fly into the shower whilst I was in it. Failing to gain the height she needed to get over the rim of the bathtub (yes, England loves the old “bath n shower combo”) I helped her into the tub and she walked straight under the shower and enjoyed a couple of minutes of direct shower rain. Then she walked out of range and tried to fly out of the tub. Again I had to help her and she walked away shaking her head and flapping her wings to dry them.

Here’s the wet little punk (she’s going for an Archangel feather-do!):


Naturally, after a shower one has to dry off and the best way to do this is to sunbathe:


And after you’re all warm and dry, a little snooze tucked away in the corner of the sofa:


I never tire of seeing pigeons having a shower. They are just too adorable!

I don’t think I give Elmo and Georgie enough opportunities to have a bath, as was demonstrated when Georgie started shivering when she heard the shower go on – which is actually very strange since she doesn’t like to be under the shower. But it just goes to show that Georgie knows what the shower means: water = bath time!!

I first tried to get George to have a bath by putting her in the spray free end of the bath-tub, however, instead of enjoying some light rain on her Georgie proceeded to try to jump out of the bath. So after I had my shower (and got dressed and all that), I put a bowl of water on the floor for Georgie to have a bath. And she sure did! Splashing and swishing and spraying me with water!! She loved it! :)

Elmo saw what was happening and waltzed over, shivering and staring intently at the bowl of water. He really wanted to get in but Georgie was in the way. I splashed him with my fingers and he just shook even more with desire and anticipation. Georgie seemed oblivious to what was happening – she didn’t even register his existence, so intent and happy she was to have a bath!

A few times Elmo got really close to the bowl and when Georgie turned around her tail feathers moved into his face – I’ve never seen such a look of indignation and outrage on his face before!!

After George had her fill I let her flap about to dry off her feathers a bit and she then sat on the sofa for her ‘quiet time’, which she does after getting wet. I think she likes to be on her own to dry off. Elmo jumped into the bowl and had a wonderful time soaking himself (and me too!). Then he decided that the best place to dry off on was Richard’s keyboard. No matter how many times I tried to shoo him away Elmo just kept going back to the keyboard. So I let him. No point getting attacked over it.

I never get tired of watching pigeons having a bath. Which is why I’ll keep talking about it.

But I really don’t enjoy the smell of wet pigeon – it’s a bit much! :)




Elmo: I had a thought the other day about Elmo and his funny courting behaviour (see More garden tales). Maybe it is all down to him having bad eyesight?! Maybe Elmo thinks he’s courting a pigeon when he sees the cup (a very brightly coloured pigeon!)? Anything’s possible!

Georgie: Here’s her new hairdo after a shower. I think it is very smart!


Dora: I shot some video footage of Dora and the pigeons when I took them their lunch (consisting of seed, peanuts and brioche). There was a feeding frenzy – all I could see was their bums in the air! Dora is the speckled one nearest to the camera. She and her mate, Pidge, love any soft and sweet bread or pastry – possibly because they are feeding their young and like any fatty foods. You can see their two baby squeakers under the hutch. Sweethearts.

I added this one to YouTube a while ago, but hadn’t posted it here:

When I get ready I normally allow Elmo to sit on the laundry basket next to the bath. He likes to be near me constantly. We have one of those aweful ‘over-the-bath’ type showers.

On this occasion, while I was in the shower I could see Elmo peering round at me, and staring at the water and shaking. He normally does this when he wants a bath :) .

I put him in the bath, at the dry end out of the shower spray, and he slowing made his way under the spray by himself, loving every drop!

This video is of him after the shower :)

So, pigeons and showers? A success!