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Elmo likes to sleep a lot. He’s at that age (coming up to 12 years old this year) that he nods off at any opportunity (in between chasing toes and attacking toys – tiring stuff that is!). So this week I’ve caught Elmo taking a nap in various locations. It seems he’s trying to find the perfect spot.

First I found him on the fluffy mat:


Then next to the window:


And today I caught Elmo taking a nap next to Georgie’s nest, the silly boy:


Georgie is sitting on (infertile) eggs again (she laid a new pair this week) and for some reason Elmo decided to sleep near her. I have no idea why since he hates Georgie. And as you can imagine, Georgie was not impressed with the close proximity. She’s very protective over her eggs and doesn’t like to be disturbed. So she quickly told Elmo off:

I love the way Elmo sleeps. He sleeps so deeply and looks so comfortable that I try not to wake him up. … Oh, ok, I sometimes wake him up because I have to give him a kiss! I cannot help it! He looks so cute!!


Elmo asleep on the floor


Elmo fast asleep on the floor

Elmo has also mastered the “standing on one leg while falling asleep” stance. Please see: Sleeping beauty. :)

And when Elmo is dreaming and he nods his head and twitches in his sleep, it’s so adorable. Occasionally he’ll wake himself up with a “woof”. I don’t know how many of you have heard a pigeon “woof” before but it’s such a wonderful little sound. It just comes out suddenly and sounds so foreign that often I look at Elmo and wonder what he’s trying to say. I believe the “woof” sound is made when the pigeon sees something they are worried about and it may be a kind of alarm sound. Our previous pigeon, Dora, used to woof too (I mentioned it in Angry Dora, Sweet Dora).

I tried to take a photo of Elmo alseep on the floor from the other end of the coffee table but Elmo woke up and danced towards me in glee. :D


Elmo is awake!


"I'm so happy to see you!"

Elmo loves my husband – and trusts him completely. So when Richard one day put Elmo upside down and continued to stroke him, Elmo fell into a deep and trusting sleep:


And this has been repeated on many occasions. We find it very endearing and funny to see Elmo fall asleep on his back (which can take a while).



On a few occasions Elmo has tried to feed Richard in the upside down position! Funny boy! Sometimes he’ll twitch his wings and coo and bow his head in that position. If Elmo doesn’t feel like falling asleep he’ll quickly flip himself over to the upright position and carry on with his cooing and head bowing. It’s all very sweet behaviour!

Georgie on the other hand will not stand for being put on her back. She’s only ever once stayed in that position:


Elmo pigeon is a lucky boy because he gets to sleep right next to his mate (a.k.a. my husband!). Richard’s bedside table has been claimed as Elmo’s roosting spot – and we’ve put a nice fleece down for him to grip on. When it’s time to go to bed Elmo eagerly hops onto the bed and then onto the bedside table. He stands there, head down, cooing madly – calling Richard to bed!! It is really quite sweet and endearing. On the weekends we tend to go to bed later but if Elmo thinks we’re staying up too late he’ll go to the bedroom and call us to go to bed. What a sweetheart!

Sometimes Elmo stays up a bit to preen himself after I turn off the lights. We can hear quite clearly when his primary or tail feathers run through his beak. Sounds a bit metallic. If he’s a bit tired Elmo might fall asleep before I turn off the light. Elmo tends to sleep standing up on one leg with the other one tucked away. I often wonder how he doesn’t fall over in his sleep standing on one leg. I know that when birds perch the tendons in their legs tighten and their toes lock around the perch which prevents them from falling over in their sleep, however, what about pigeons that don’t perch on branches when they sleep?

Sometimes we can hear Elmo ‘grinding’ his beak as he goes to sleep. It’s hard to describe what he’s doing and I haven’t a clue why he does it but a soft grinding type of noise is made as he opens and closes his beak – like he’s chewing or smacking his lips together! It’s a very sweet thing to hear just as you’re falling alseep. To me it sounds as if he’s content and comfortable, gently falling asleep as he makes this soothing sound. Elmo’s our sleeping beauty!