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I seem to find it difficult to write about only one of my lovely animals at a time. I have to include all three, especially when they spend their evenings snuggled up to us and keep us occupied with their shenanigans. The sofa subject is a cause of friction since both Hugo and Elmo think that Richard’s lap is their spot. This photo was taken on one of those rare occasions when Elmo tolerated Hugo’s close proximity (he usually launches an attack of pecks and wing slaps):

2014-01-18 17.51.27

Elmo (left) and Hugo (right).

Georgie doesn’t have this problem. She only has to share my lap with my knitting, which is more of a problem for me since she will grab the needles and give them a shake whilst I try to knit.

2014-01-11 17.39.39

I seem to remember a time when I only had to worry about keeping two animals on the sofa apart to avoid a fight (read: A complicated relationship), now I have a cat to think about too! Sometimes Hugo is hesitant to jump on the sofa when Elmo and Georgie are on it, and he’ll give me this thoroughly fed up look:

2014-01-11 17.33.51

But when he finds himself on a pigeon-free sofa (at last!), Hugo can relax!

2014-01-12 19.41.19

Poor Georgie had to endure a trip to the vet because of an eye problem. We noticed that she was keeping her right eye closed and that it looked quite red and irritated. I at first thought she had a feather or something else stuck in it, but after a gentle look I couldn’t see anything. Then I noticed that there was a opaque white dot on her eye, which wasn’t there before. Now, Georgie’s eyes are normally cloudy due to the scarring, but the white mark was a new development.


Georgie's right eye - with white dot in it.

The vet put some yellow drops in Georgie’s eye to determine if it was what she suspected, an ulcer – and it was. So some eye drops were prescribed for me to put in Georgie’s eye (which Georgie isn’t too happy about). I also asked the vet if there was anything I could give her for car sickness, and she’s given me some medication as a trial to see if it helps. I sure hope it does since Georgie will soon have a long car journey ahead of her (more on this later).


Georgie's left eye

In other news, Elmo is still trying to go under the sofa. It’s his new favourite spot!




He keeps “crawling” under and falling asleep. Maybe he feels safe under there? Or perhaps there’s some treats that have rolled under which he’s trying to get to? :) The other day he was almost completely under the sofa! I sadly didn’t get the opportunity to take a photo of it before he made his way out again. Elmo sure is a silly boy! He’s always doing something new to surprise me.

We knew something was up when Elmo started to do this:


Where's Elmo?


Elmo trying to go under the sofa

He was being broody but for some reason wasn’t nesting in his beloved cat igloo bed. When I showed him a fake egg Elmo immediately tried to sit on it (still in my hand!!). After placing the egg into his igloo bed Elmo was happy to nest in there. What a silly little boy! :)

I’m sure he’s super jealous of Georgie’s ability to lay eggs. If only he realised that if he didn’t attack Georgie she might let him incubate her infertile eggs. If Elmo ever did decide that he fancied Georgie I would be besides myself with joy! Imagine the two having babies?!! :D


Georgie and her egg

How is it that a little pigeon has the best seat in the house?

While my husband and I sometimes find it difficult to get comfortable on the sofa in the evenings for a little TV chill out time, we notice to the left of us a very content and smug pigeon. Yep, you’ve guessed it! Elmo boy has somehow managed to claim the best seat in the house!

This spot, where Elmo has his nest and a jar of peanuts, is next to Richard’s desk. This way he can have a nap next to his loved one and when he wakes up he hasn’t got far to go to have a bite to eat!


Elmo in his nest on the sofa

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, however, the spot that Elmo has chosen as his territory is actually the best place on the sofa to lay down and be completely lazy on. As Elmo’s enemy (when Richard is around), I’m not allowed in this spot on the sofa (I’ll be viciously attacked if I dare go on his side!). Richard can stretch out on Elmo’s side, however, he still has to respect Elmo’s nest and lay next to it. If Richard removes Elmo’s nest and sits where it usually is then Elmo gets restless and will start to pace and even peck Richard to move. It’s like Elmo cannot sleep anywhere but on his nest in the right spot!

Why are we allowing this sort of behaviour? How has Elmo managed to manipulate us into doing everything he wants?

Sometimes I really cannot believe that we are at the beck and call of a little pigeon.


King Elmo!

What to say about dear Elmo? Well, firstly, he’s one of the sweetest, cutest, funniest and most loyal and loving pigeon there is – on the other hand, however, he’s one of the most annoying little sods around!! – How does he do it?! :)

So why am I saying this? What could Elmo possibly be doing to make me want to grab him and give him a big fat kiss – a kiss of love as well as a kiss of frustration at his behaviour. Well, Elmo has been patrolling his territory again and is been a bit tough on the rules – he’s giving me no leeway on the subject – I must not cross the territory lines or there’ll be hell to pay! This all makes getting comfortable on the sofa a bit difficult, especially when my arm sometimes goes over the line and it gets pecked at quite hard – ouch and owie!

So I end up staring at him as he stares at me – Elmo shaking a bit in his eagerness to attack me, me trying to give him the evil eye but failing miserably (how can I when Elmo is so adorable?!).

Now remember folks, when my husband isn’t around Elmo eventually backs down and asks for my attention and affection – which I can give him with little fear of being attacked. But as soon as Richard comes home, Elmo switches back to his original alliance. Talk about a cheat!

So I have to endure Elmo’s relentless negative attention at a safe distances, resisting the urge to grab him and smother him with kisses because I just love him so much! Even though he doesn’t love me (…well, maybe he does a bit but he sure doesn’t show it readily).

Pigeons, eh?! Can’t live with them, can’t live without them! :)

Ps. More on this subject: My own personal guard

Elmo likes to keep watch over me – to make sure I don’t overstep my place or do anything he thinks is unacceptable – especially if my husband (Elmo’s perceived mate) is not around. If I’m at my desk on my laptop – usually when I’m typing up a post – Elmo will hop onto Richard’s desk and walk over to the edge and peer around the computer to see what I’m doing (since my desk is next to Richard’s).

Another favourite spot to keep guard is on the sofa. Elmo has his side and I’m not allowed to sit there. No discussion.

So if I’m sitting a bit too close to his territory Elmo will stand by the territory line and watch me. Sometimes he’ll doze off a bit but every time I move he’ll open his eyes to check what I’m doing.

I think that maybe Elmo is making sure that Georgie and I don’t try to steal the prime nesting spot on the sofa. He’s protecting it so that when Richard returns from work they can ‘nest’ together. :)


Elmo right on the territory line. Actually, his toe is on my side!


The ever watchful gaze of a gorgeous pigeon!

Last night there was a deadlock situation on the sofa. We have an L-shaped sofa in which one can very easily lay back in utter laziness and comfort. In the nook of the L point Elmo has his nest. George has her nest on the other end of the sofa. On the same side as Elmo’s nest is a jar of peanuts for our pigeons to help themselves to. See diagram below:

Sofa layout

Elmo has taken over ‘his’ end of the sofa (which is now his territory) and he’ll defend it vigorously from me or Georgie, but since it is the most comfortable spot on the sofa last night I decided that I’ll lay there as I watched TV. Elmo just had to put up with it. Georgie is in nesting mode and was making a nest on me and we were all getting along fine, with Elmo in his nest cooing to Richard who was sitting at his desk (which is next to the sofa). Then for some reason George decided she wanted to go to Elmo’s side (maybe to eat some peanuts) and she walked over my body, however, Elmo quickly jumped off his nest and ran up to attack her. Georgie stopped within an inch of Elmo and that’s where the impasse happened.

Elmo and Georgie stayed in the same spot and every few seconds they tried to peck at each other. Since both have a disability (Georgie half blind and Elmo’s lack of eye to beak coordination) it was quite funny to watch them fail to hit their mark. Neither pigeon wanted to back down, but neither took a step forward. Elmo slowly ruffled his feathers as he settled down in his duty to guard his spot and Georgie stood still, the tips of her wings slightly twitching against each other in annoyance. I believe they would have stayed in that position for hours if I hadn’t intervened.

It’s quite funny how Elmo can attack George so vigorously on the sofa when he is scared of her when they’re on the floor. He is so reluctant to walk passed her and in many occasions I have found Elmo cornered by Georgie in the kitchen or bathroom. You see, Georgie seem attracted to the sound of Elmo walking and will follow him sometimes.

It is a shame that Elmo doesn’t like her. It would be lovely to have the two of them snuggled up to each other, preening one another and being in a proper pigeon relationship. Although I doubt Elmo will ever like another pigeon I think Georgie could pair up one day.