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I’ve never seen a stock dove in the wild. They are beautiful birds (love their black eyes) and I will have to go search for them once I know where to find them. :)

Just wanted to update you on the progress of the pigeons and doves at my work that I have previously mentioned.

  • Widget and his collared dove friends have been released. Hooray! We wish them all the luck in the world that they stay safe!
  • Dotty is almost ready for release (it’ll happen in the next week or so). She’s grown well and is no longer interested in humans and is currently chilling out with other collared doves in an aviary.
  • We have found a home for the 6 fantail pigeons. Yay! We are satisfied that they can fly well and they have good predator awareness (I observed their behaviour to determine this). The lady who is taking them will keep them enclosed for a few weeks while they get used to the area and see the existing flock she feeds and cares for, and then they will be free flying around her home.
  • The young stock dove is in an aviary with collared doves (because we don’t have any other stock doves at the moment), and will also be released later this month when we’re happy that he’s old enough (we’ll wait a bit for the iridescence to appear on his neck). He has reverted back to his wild state and doesn’t want anything to do with us humans, which is great because we can release him without having to worry that he’s tame! Here’s a photo of him:

Stock dove with a collared dove (right). 27th October

I won’t go into my love/hate relationship with a certain video website, so here’s the video of me feeding a little squeaker stock dove:

I just love the way baby pigeons beak your fingers when they want food. They are such sweet, endearing creatures and I just cannot get enough of them! :)

Although this week at work my love of pigeons is being tested. We have way too many babies and I have to feed them all in the morning and late afternoon. I love it but it really takes a long time to get through them all. … Who am I kidding? My love is not being tested, just my endurance! :)

I’ve only seen the lesser known or overlooked stock dove (Columba oenas) a few times – and the other day a squeaker was found out of its nest and brought to my work. I fell in love with it immediately!

I like to think of the stock dove as being a mixture of a feral and a woody. They are similar in shape and size to a feral pigeon but have more similar colouration to woodpigeons (this is just how I see them – for a more accurate description, please visit: http://www.garden-birds.co.uk/birds/stockdove.htm). The most distinctive features are their black eyes!

Here’s the little squeaker stock dove. Isn’t he a beaut?! :)



At first he was scared (the baby pigeons are almost always are), but after his second feeding of the day he emited a tentative squeak, then a slight hesitant wing shrug. Once he realised that our hands equaled food all his fears fell away and he begged sweetly for food. I have a video of him doing this but once again have failed to upload it (…deep breath, don’t freak out…).

Today I watched this little fella gobble seed down, so I won’t need to hand-feed him for long. He’s already starting to shy away from us again. I hope to take photos of his progress as he grows into an adult, and I’ll keep you posted.