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Last night we had an unexpected visitor in our garden. Isn’t he just the cutest?

P1120066 cropped


We never thought we’d see a hedgehog in the garden since we have badgers in the area so we were very surprised when this guy turned up on our doorstep. We gave him some dinner and he munched on it quite happily even with the light on. :)

I wonder what Elmo would make of him? :D

So what’s been happening lately in our lives. Well, Georgie laid an egg, but only one! Pigeons usually lay two so I was very surprised that Georgie hadn’t laid another one. But I guess since she’s had such a big break from the last time she didn’t have the energy or inclination to go all out. Anyway, Georgie is happy at the moment and busy with her incubation.

Although she’s still not pleased with me disturbing her for a photo. Here’s Georgie about to wing slap me:


I have to admit that I’ve been missing cuddling up to Georgie. I’m giving Elmo more attention, much to his displeasure! :) I think George is upset with me because I’m not pulling my weight, i.e. I’m not doing my part in incubating (both the male and the female pigeon incubate – they take turns).

There’s not much to report about Elmo. Just that he’s a little git! :) Loving Richard, hating me. His feathers have grown completely in his bald patch, however, he now needs to preen the feather follicles off:


And once again it has snowed in this part of the world. I’ve got to clear a spot in the garden so that the wildlife can be fed (and not sink into the snow!). I saw our local fox walk up our stairs and through the fence into the neighbours garden this morning. He looks very healthy. I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of him.

The ferals and woodpigeons have been down to eat the seed I put out for them. We haven’t had much problems with the feral pigeon flock since we feed them sporadically, however, when it snows I put out food more regularily to help them out. It can be tough for the wildlife when there’s a sudden snowfall.

And lastly, we had a pleasant surprise when opening the beer box: