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I would like to thank everyone for their amazing support after reading my last post, Under attack.


You’ve all been wonderful and lovely in your comments and views. The world is a much better place with you in it. :)

While I know in my heart that I’m doing the right thing to provide a safe and loving home for Elmo and Georgie and no one will be able to convince me otherwise, I feel a bit sad that someone else disagrees so much. It’s silly, really, to get upset about it when I know that there will always be someone who will not be able to understand what wonderful creatures pigeons are. When I look at my two darling pigeons I cannot help but think, “Who in their right mind would want to harm them?”

Elmo and Georgie send everyone their love!!

This is one of my favourite photos of Georgie snuggling up to me (photo taken in 2008):


Revati and Georgie

Elmo has such trust in us that he’ll fall fast asleep without a worry in the world:


Richard and Elmo

Saw this video clip and found it very interesting. I love the way the man talks about the loft being a home for wild pigeons as he’s stroking one on his arm! They obviously trust him and you can clearly see the love in the man’s eyes.

More about pigeon droppings and its uses: The scoop on pigeon poop!

Unfortunately, anyone outside of the UK cannot view the video. (I couldn’t find the video on YouTube.)

A friend posted a link on facebook about a man who rescued a feral pigeon in distress 16 years ago and who still has the pigeon living with him. Whilst reading it I was so surprised to see the similarities of Bernie the pigeon to our Elmo. The emotions and interactions are the same. It’s uncanny.

Please read the delightful story, The Charm of a Pigeon, by Raymond P. Buchhol. Those of us who are blessed to share their lives with disabled pigeons will recognise the similarities and identify with many aspects of the story. For those who haven’t any dealings with pigeons or who might be sceptical of what sort of relationship you can have with one, the story will show how wonderful they are and how deep a connection you can have with a pigeon.

I would like to comment on a paragraph from the story:

“Picture yourself, say, on a Sunday afternoon after a good meal, resting on the sofa with this pigeon on your chest, rising and falling with every breath you take. His ash colored eyelids signal all is well. And together you doze. For a moment in space and time, you fold your wings and rest. You gently scratch his head and he grunts that everything is okay. And it is.”


I have watched Elmo and my husband in the very same mood and moment many a time. The trust and love is evident. The moment is simply too satisfying that you cannot move. Disturbing Elmo would be a crime. I find it so wonderful that other people have the same sentiments and experiences with pigeons.

Do you think Elmo would love to have a “Passion Cube” like the one that Raymond and his wife bought for Bernie? I do!

Bernie in his Passion Cube

And this photo of Bernie asleep is so like Elmo that they could be long lost brothers:

Bernie asleep

Elmo loves my husband – and trusts him completely. So when Richard one day put Elmo upside down and continued to stroke him, Elmo fell into a deep and trusting sleep:


And this has been repeated on many occasions. We find it very endearing and funny to see Elmo fall asleep on his back (which can take a while).



On a few occasions Elmo has tried to feed Richard in the upside down position! Funny boy! Sometimes he’ll twitch his wings and coo and bow his head in that position. If Elmo doesn’t feel like falling asleep he’ll quickly flip himself over to the upright position and carry on with his cooing and head bowing. It’s all very sweet behaviour!

Georgie on the other hand will not stand for being put on her back. She’s only ever once stayed in that position: