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Now, many of you have seen the silly things Elmo has taken to his nest. There was a bit of wire, a minicard, feathers (which he’s usually afraid of), and he’s also tucked rings and coins under him if Richard hands them to him (I’ve not been able to capture that on video yet). The other day Richard gave Elmo a thin plastic rod which Elmo thought would be great to take to his nest. It was a bit long and I was afraid Elmo would stumble over it, however, he managed to take it to his nest and place it down before twitching and cooing to Richard with glee. What a sweetheart!

I’ve discovered that Georgie loves Templeton, the soft toy rat. Of course she would love him! What’s not to love? However, a part of me thinks, “Does she love Templeton because Elmo hates him?” Hmmmm. I wonder.


Georgie and Templeton

Georgie is being very loving:

And here’s Elmo showing his true feelings towards Templeton:

During the summer Elmo spent most of his weekday time on the window sill looking out at the visiting birds, foxes, rats and cats in the garden. We know this because a) we could see it from the webcam we set up in the room, and b) by the amount of poo concentrated in the area. Now the days are shorter and Elmo has not been on the window sill for a long time. We don’t know why. Most days when we’re at work Elmo is by the door or on the bedside table (his roosting spot).

I cannot imagine why he’s rejected the window sill. He loved spending his day there – viewing the outside world – so why the change? Did a cat scare him? Was there a bossy pigeon who threatened him? Whatever the reason, I can’t help feel that he’s missing out on something by not looking out into the garden. But I could very well be wrong in thinking this. Elmo can make his own choices as to what to do during the day when we’re away at work. He has the whole bedroom to explore and I’m sure many moments are spent with him cooing and dancing to my fluffy socks or with Elmo exploring under the bed (so many interesting things under there!). I’m sure he’s not bored in any way. He spends a good portion preening and sleeping, being the old boy that he is (ok, maybe not old but at least middle-aged).

Here’s a video of us coming home from work and greeting Elmo from the garden. As you can see, he’s very happy to see us! :)

My wonderful husband made us some granary bread, which was delicious!! George agreed with me because she hopped onto my lap and begged for some. I couldn’t refuse her. I tore a piece of my sandwich and held it out for her to peck at and she LOVED it! It’s been a while since I’ve seen her act like this. She was twitching and cooing and begging so intently! So cute! When I took the bread away George exploded with energy, begging so enthusiastically that I had to give her some more. It’s hard for me to explain the behaviour – I wish I had recorded it. In the end Georgie ate nearly all my sandwich – she was woolfing it down!

This isn’t that occasion, but this video shows you how Georgie generally eats bread – a bit of pot-luck since she cannot see properly – which is why you either have to hold the food out so she can peck it from your fingers or give her a large piece that she cannot miss!